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"The Vintner's Vault has been a major asset to our winery's success. We relied on them to set up our entire winery's operations from the ground up. Their wine making expertise, coupled with the equipment knowledge of Ryan Horn and his staff's professional expertise on hand and "locally" here in Paso. The Vintner's Vault's dedication to quality products and services provides the caliber of resources that will continue making Paso Robles one of the greates wine regions in the country."

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Commercial Distillation Equipment

Commercial StillWhen it comes to Commercial Distillation Stills, most have a simular look but don't let that fool you. The process has been around for many centuries but the innovations of today are taking effiency and product purity to a new level.


With the patented designs and innovation which has gone into Hagyo designed distillation equipment there is no greater efficiency in any system on the market. Our patented mashing mixing through atomization and new plate design within the column, allows you to achieve greater levels of purity in your spirits in a single pass. These systems are also offered with mash pre-heating chambers using the energy of the previous distillation batch to preheat additional runs. These systems can also be purchased in automated and programmble systems for repeatability in the distillation process insuring consistent and proper cut times for each product. 


Hagyo distillation equipmement is produced with not only the highest quality in production in mind but additionally with unmatched beauty in the design and construction. All interior materials of the distillation chambers are high quality copper to insure the proper rcatalyst reaction when creating your spirits. Each unit can also be purchased with copper or stainless steel exterior to fit your desired look and budget.


Our distillation systems are produced with only the highest quality doors, piping, valves, and fittings so you can be sure all parts will be reliable for many years to come, we guarentee it.


You might need experience to produce the best quality Spirits you are capable of, but you won't need a wealth of experience and knowledge to operate your new Hagyo distillation system. Whether fully automoated or manually operated the Hagyo distillation systems are easy to understand and operate so you can get right to work perfecting your style of Spirit production.  

Heat Source Options Available Sizes
Steam 1000 Liter
Gas 450 Liter
Electric 300 Liter
Wood 100 Liter

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Spirit 1000 Commercial Distillation Still
1000 Liter (264 Gallon) Comericial Distillation Still

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Spirit 450 Commercial Distillation Still
Spirit 450 Liter (119 Gallon) Commercial Distillation Still

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Spirit 300 Commercial Distillation Still
Spirit 300 Liter (80 gallon) Commercial Distillation Still

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Spirit 100 Column Still
Spirit 100 Liter (26.4 Gallon) Column Still

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