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Ryan and I worked together at Justin Winery for five years and have known each other for ten. While at Justin, Ryan was passionately interested in the wine making process, could fix about anything and was totally dedicated to making the winery a success. He has taken that dedication to Vintner Vault and became a major player in the winery supply business in just a few years. Jeff Branco, former VP and Winemaker Justin Winery

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Specific Gravity Hydrometer

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Specific Gravity Hydrometer
The hydrometer indicates how many grams one liter of liquid weighs.


Specific Gravity Hydrometer:  
Our Different units are as Follows:

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Specific Gravity Hydrometer

Below is a list of uses for a specific gravity hydrometer:

  1. Determine when the wine is fully fermented
  2. Calculate how much alcohol has been developed in the wine
  3. Find out how much sugar to add to impart the correct body
  4. Check that fermentation is in progress
  5. Check the wine for dryness
  6. Determine when the wine should be drawn off
  7. Check progress of fermentation
  8. Calculate how much sugar is needed to give a required alcohol strength
  9. Check that wine is not too dry, which ruins flavor, fullness and keeping quality
  10. Working out incremental sugar dosing of strong wine (if to much is added at one time fermentation will be inhibited)
  11. Check sugar content at start of fermentation, following up to see when fermentation has ceased

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