Jeff Branco
San Francisco, CA

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Ryan and I worked together at Justin Winery for five years and have known each other for ten. While at Justin, Ryan was passionately interested in the wine making process, could fix about anything and was totally dedicated to making the winery a success. He has taken that dedication to Vintner Vault and became a major player in the winery supply business in just a few years. Jeff Branco, former VP and Winemaker Justin Winery

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Tannin, Tan'Cor

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Tannin, Tan'Cor
Ageing Red wines - Instant Dissolving for post fermentation and maturing. Inhances Structure, Protects from Oxidation


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Tannin Tan'Cor

 Proanthocyandic & Ellagic tannis
Instant Dissolving for post fermentation and maturing. Inhances Structure, Protects from Oxidation.

Tan'Cor combines the properties of ellagic and proanthocyanidic tannins specially prepared or the treatment of red wines after the fermentation phase or during maturation.

Used to:

  • Enhance and modify the structure of the wine and prepare it for maturation.
  • Protection of the wine with regards to oxidation phenomena.
  • Regulate oxidation-reduction phenomna.

Dosage: 100 to 300 ppm - 0.8 to 2.4 lbs per 1000 gal

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