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San Francisco, CA

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Ryan and I worked together at Justin Winery for five years and have known each other for ten. While at Justin, Ryan was passionately interested in the wine making process, could fix about anything and was totally dedicated to making the winery a success. He has taken that dedication to Vintner Vault and became a major player in the winery supply business in just a few years. Jeff Branco, former VP and Winemaker Justin Winery

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Stirrer Low Profile Hot Plate

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Stirrer Low Profile Hot Plate
Low Profile Hot Plate/Stirrer, 50-350C, 80-1500rpm


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Magnetic Hot Plate/Stirrer

LOW PROFILE HOT PLATE/STIRRER, 50-350 C, 80-1500 rpm
• Circular designed aluminum hot plate/ stirrer with a cast-in 660 W heating element
• Epoxy-coated metal case housing, 3½” (90 mm) high with a 5-3/8” (140 mm) diameter top
• Provides a constant temperature application where heat to 350°C is required
• Demand-type, capillary thermostat has temperature range of 50° to 350°C (122° to 662°F); accuracy within ±3°C
• Variable 80 to 1500 rpm speed control with an off position
• Comes with a 9 x 25 mm PTFE coated stir bar
• Warranty: 1 year against manufacturer’s defects

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