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Maurivin Platinum

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Maurivin Platinum


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Maurivin Platinum 

  The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), together with Maurivin, have now developed new wine yeast strains that produce undetectable amounts of H2S to the human nose. These non-GMO, patent-pending Next Generation yeast called Maurivin Advantage, Maurivin Distinction, and Maurivin Platinum have distinct variations in genes encoding the sulfite reeducates protein complex, resulting in yeast strains with a reduced capacity to produce H2S. This is illustrated below.



A pure Active Dry Wine Yeast that enhances

varietal aromas and flavors via the elimination

of reductive characters such as hydrogen sulfide.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Developed by Maurivin and The Australian Wine

Research Institute.

Rate of fermentation

At warmer temperatures of 20–30°C (68–86°F)

Platinum exhibits a short lag phase and a

rapid fermentation rate. Platinum is ideal

for fermenting at lower temperatures of

12–16°C (53–61°F) due to its inherent vigor.

Hydrogen sulfide production

Platinum does not produce any detectable

levels of hydrogen sulfide. The use of this

yeast eliminates yeast-derived reductive

characters in winemaking.

Nitrogen requirement

To assist yeast cell growth at the start of

fermentation, a nitrogen addition is required

to build cellular biomass. In low YAN juices

Platinum benefits from the addition of

a Mauriferm fermentation aid.

Alcohol yield

Maurivin Platinum utilizes approximately

16.5 g of sugar to produce 1% alcohol (v/v).

Alcohol tolerance

Platinum displays excellent alcohol tolerance

of 15–16% (v/v).

Volatile acidity

Generally less than 0.2 g/L.

Total SO2 production

Platinum has similar total SO2 production

profiles to Maurivin PDM (up to 40 mg/L).

Killer factor

Platinum has killer activity.

Proprietary yeast

Platinum is a Maurivin ‘Next Generation’

non-GMO proprietary yeast.

Contribution to wine

Maurivin Platinum is a unique wine yeast that cannot

produce any detectable hydrogen sulfi de. The use

of this yeast eliminates any potential yeast–derived

reductive characters, even when fermenting juices

deficient in nitrogen. The resultant wines have

increased varietal aromatics favorable for high

quality wine production.


Maurivin Platinum is recommended for the production

of fruit-driven wines with only a small contribution

from the yeast. Most noticeable is the absence

of any reductive characters, thus increasing the

positive varietal characters of the wine. Platinum

is ideal for all varieties and wine styles. This yeast

is also recommended when fermenting fruit sourced

from vineyards whose wines have traditionally been

reductive in character.



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