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Spirit 300 Commercial Distillation Still

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Spirit 300 Commercial Distillation Still
Spirit 300 Liter (80 gallon) Commercial Distillation Still

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Spirit 300 Commericial Distillation Still

General Description:

With the developing of our technology our purpose was, to create a complete distillation technology for the production of a high quality final product. Through this technology a distillate can be produced from the properly processed and good quality fruit mash with relative high alcohol percent that is rich in aromas. The entire technology is completely controlled.

Our further purpose in addition of providing ideal efficiency was, to keep the quality of final product on optimal level, and to preserve the primer aromas of the fruits in the distillate. To achieve this, we have combined the traditional and approved equipment with modern units supported by the newest searching results. The process controlling of this combination is accomplished through an industrial computer. This technology is completed with three patented technical solution of our company, through which the efficiency and quality of the distillation is established on new bases considering energy and technology.

Our developed technology and the accompanying equipment meet perfectly the above requirements and they can be flexibly used in all kind of distillations. Through that a top-quality final product can be produced. Our equipment is a single stage distiller, operating periodically, constructed in the latest technology and therefore is built on the most economical distillation process, integrating the newest technical solutions and providing the production possibility of an ideal final product.

Examining from the technological side, we can say the following about the one-boiler equipment:

Every plate in the refinery column is functioning, as a separate refinery boiler, where the distillate will be completely condensed, then from the surface it will evaporate. According to the quality of the final product, it can be decided, how many plates in which extent should be used, because the plates can be switched on and off, and their intensity can be continuously changed. Through that a much wider separation can be achieved, through which the required aromas can be concentrated and preserved in the distillate and parallel to that the disturbing components can be detached from the final products. The disconnecting of the plates is also possible, so that the traditional, two-boiler distillation of the equipment should be used as well.

New Technology

Spirit 450 Techinical Characteristcs:

- Kettle: made of WNr. 1.4301 steel up to the filling level. Upper part is made of cylindrical roller compacted copper. The water or steam jacket on the kettle is made of WNr. 1.4301 steel, external insulated, surface is scaled. It is equipped with manometer, and safety valve, that will be opened by 0,5 bar pressure. There are on the kettle: a mash mixer of 0,55 kW capacity, installed on the top, NA 65 nozzle + ball valve filler for mash, rotation washing head (rotating 360°), 1 piece of seeing glass, with external lighting. Kettle door: Ø 418 mm, with WNr. 1.4301 stainless steel covering with 6 mm thick heat resistant glass. The kettle can be heated by steam, gas, wood or electricity. At gas heating the approval process for the gas burner is responsible of the buyer according to the local law. At steam heating the steam generator has to be obtained by the buyer separately.

- Cap: Made of cylindrical roller compacted copper. With foam catcher construction between the cap and the kettle, with installed washing head. Custom-designed lenticular cap. By this plate effect the contact time will be longer between the vapor and liquid phase, creating a harder reflux.

- Refinery column: with 2 refinery disc, with step less variable adjustment for the more careful gaining of the fruit aromas, by the refinery discs with two seeing glasses for each, with outside installed lightning, on top integrated – own developed – dephlegmator with increased copper surface. Controlling of the dephlegmator, with hydro-dynamic controlling system.

- End-cooler: condensator with pipes, height is 1300 mm. Material: WNr: 1.4301. Controlling of cooling water with hydro-dynamic controlling system.

- Thermometers: on the cap, on the refinery column one per discs, on the dew pipe, on the input cooling water of dephlegmator, on the cooling water streaming away from the dephlagmator, on the liquor line.

- Hydrometer: For the measuring of spirit content between 0-100°, with Ø 100 mm glass covering.

- Hot water tank:insulated tank for the gathering of cooling water, 150 L.

- CIP pump: pressure 4 bar pump for the washing system, 1,1 kW.

- Tank for distillate gathering: one 150 Liter tank for distillate gathering (for head-, and leg distillate).

Optional Patented Mash Mixing Through Atomization

Optional Patented Mash Mixing Through Atomization

In the process of the distillation the mash in the boiler must be continuously kept in boiling condition. The mash in boiling condition must be mixed all the time, because through that the heat transfer can be increased on the wall of the boiler and at the same the created vapor from the mash can be ventilated, which is a pre-condition of the effective distillation.

According to the foregoing practice the mixing of the mash was generally made through shovel mixing construction. This method has its physical limitations, which are from a certain point not to be extended. In order to increase the efficiency of the distillation, the surface of heat transfer and efficiency of the mixing must be increased.

Through our patented process this will be realized in such a way that in the process of the distillation the mash in the boiler will be atomized and sprayed by means of a special pump from the bottom of the boiler to the vapor area above the mash. The atomized mash will be contacted with the heated steams in very large surface, realizing through that a very intensive heat transfer. Through the pumping of the mash from the lowest point of the boiler the efficiency of heat transfer on the boiler wall will be improved significantly. It can be easily seen, that this solution provides a much better mixing, thanks to the two elements. One of them is that the mash will be taken from the lower part of the boiler, and it will be fed back above. Through that the mash is in a continuous vertical streaming condition. Secondly, the mash is contacting the steams above, and through that the heat transfer is much better, as it would be through the fluid mash. Finally, the mash-atomizing device will increase the heat transfer between the steam and the fluid phase.


-There is no minimum limit of the mash loaded into the kettle, therefore small quantity can be distilled without problem

-Intensive mash mixing at the wall of the kettle, better heat exchange, economical and quicker process

-Quicker and homogenous heat exchange between the atomized mash and alcohol vapor

-The increased evaporating surface and contact time – better reflux formation and by this better refinement

-The distillation process could start at lower temperature, better aroma concentration

-Higher yield

-Less energy cost

-No foaming up

Optional: Full Automatic Control System

System is controlled by industrial computer in IP 65 protected board.

The control and process control system was developed by Hagyo for the complex control of the technology of the distillation equipment.

After the filling of the mash the distillation process will be fully automatically led on the basis of predefined parameters, by the supervision of the distillation master. Besides taking samples during the boiling, the distillation process can be completely controlled. If needed the parameters can be changed during the process so the whole process should be optimized for the high requirement of the product to be produced.

According to predefined formulas and taking into consideration the properties of the mash, the various quality requirements can be specified for the final product: alcohol content of pre-, middle-, and after distillates (V/V%), heating performance levels, temperature of the dephlegmator, and of the final cooling.

The enormous benefit of this system beside the price against similiar products on the market is that it's user surface contains all of the significant elements of the technology in 3D illustration. It has a dynamic user interface, therefore the operation is simple, easy to overview, and completely logical.

In it's basic design it contains the control board placed in the boiling house, the keyboard in the front, though which the paramenters of the distillation (variables) can be defined, respectively the boiling process can be casually followed. In case of wood heating not all the system does not have complete control of the heating.


Optional: Mash Pre-Heater

Distilleries operate by using a significant heating energy, accordingly its expenses will increase the operating fees directly and the price of the product indirectly. The competition will expectedly intensify by the influence of the constantly growing number of new entrants to the market. Only those distillery plants will be able to reach a really good position, which take into consideration to the economic production, besides the quality of the product. In consequence of the above, the energy optimization of the distillery plants became basic requisite.

Due to the distillation principles it is necessary to input a lot of heating energy. It is a well-understood market interest to optimize its efficiency the best possible. Inspecting the usually applied routine, we have faced a quite disconcerting fact. What we have experienced in general that the distillery plants did not pay the appropriate heed to energy loss, so they’ve been operating fairly uneconomic from the aspect of energetic.

Current Practice:

1. Energy analysis of distillate coolers and dephlegmators.

Conventional distillers (two-stage systems) based on the current practice in the brewing process, the 35-50 °C water down linked from the end-cooler (total condenser) usually released into the canal, or without heat recovery just cooling back, significantly burdened with the environment.
The modern distilleries (one-step systems) are almost the same can be said about it, but at this system the 70-80 °C water down linked from the dephlegmator goes directly to the canal also burdened the environment.

2. Energy analysis of mash remnant
Furthermore, after the cooking process is complete, the hot mash remnant is leaving the system without heat recovery. Easy to realize that the hot mash removal right after the boiling process, what it means to energetically. In practice, from an average unit (approx. 500 liters) we pour an 90 °C mash into the canal, instead of use its heat energy for pre-heating the mash for the next boiling process or other technological process like building heating, domestic hot water, drying, etc.).


Energy loss can be easily calculated from the temperature and the mass flow of the water, along with the money waste. Based on the above we can reveal that the plants operating without energy optimization will work uneconomic, so they can become easily non-competitive. However, due to the already evolved private sector, these expenses make a remarkable influence on their position on the market.

Spirit 450 Heating Options

  • Steam 40Kw, 60Kg/hr Required
  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Electric 36Kw, 3 x 54 Amp, 3 x 220V 3 Phase

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