Malolactic Bacteria 2.5g

Malolactic Bacteria 2.5g


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The combination of three strains grants the advantage of the inoculated Oenococcus over the indigenous bacteria, even in the event of a high degree of pollution of the medium.
As it is known, it is totally unadvisable that indigenous lactic bacteria conduct the malolactic fermentation, as some strains may ferment sugars (with the production of the undesired lactic acid in form D, contrarily to what happens with the degradation of malic acid in form L), induce the building of acroleine through metabolic distortions, hydrolyze anthocyans and generate a decrease in the coloring intensity of red wines, attack citric acid and negatively influence aroma, metabolize amino-acids producing biogenic ammines, harmful for the human organism. This is the reason why the use of selected lactic bacteria is strongly suggested and, in this sense, Biolact Acclimatée enables to solve even problems connected with the presence of bacteriophages, as the action of the selected strains is genetically specific. Biolact Acclimatée is a preparation composed by a culture of three Oenococcus oeni strains genetically different, synergic and effective in starting, conducting and concluding malolactic fermentation, with the obtainment of the best results in terms of quality.
Biolact Acclimatée maintains the positive characteristics of color reached by wine, enhances the varietal aromas of the utilized cultivars from both the points of view olfactory and gustative, integrating in red wines pleasant sensorial notes reminiscent of wood fruits.

Biolact Acclimatée

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