Stemmer Imma i10

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5 to 12 tons per hour
price includes crusher unit

Grape Crusher Destemmer

Unlimited Options for High Quality Wine Production

  • For mechanically and traditionally harvested grape
  • Easy adjustment of the desired pressing
  • High capacity with slow beating shaft rotation
  • Reversible concept crushing stemmer unit
  • Fully manufactured with AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Multi Functionality:
1) Destremmer-Crusher
2) Crusher-Destemmer
3) Only Destemmer
4) Only Crusher

1. Destemming Unit

The destemmer is composed of a holed rotating cage and a counter-rotating beater bar shaft, each one independently driven by means of its own mechanical variable-speed motor. The holed cage turns continuously, thus always keeping it clean. The cage holes are of decreasing diameter and their drawn edges are burr free for a better and gentler handling of your grapes. The beater bar shaft is equipped with rubber shoes to avoid grape tearing. The grape feeding is assisted by a screw auger positioned at the beginning of the beater bar shaft. The slow variable speed guarantees a perfect soft destemming with whatever kind of grape varietals you are working with.

Inspection Doors
In order to increase the inspection, cleaning, and safety operation of this destemmer crusher, access doors are equipped with special safety switches,
which lock the system when in the opened position insuring your staff's safety.

Destemming/No Destemming System
With an easy movement, an inside device allows to cut out the destemming function. Moreover a removable door is positioned at the beginning of the holed cage allowing for a partial destemming if desired.

Cage Washing Device
A drilled pipe has been provided for a quick and effective inside washing.
The machine is equipped with a device to adjust the axial   position between the cage and beater bars, thus obtaining   different clearances between the rubber shoes and the cage. This adjustability is particularly helpful when processing    mechanically harvested grapes, in order to assure the effective  removal of leaves and shoots from the inner cage surface.

2. Crushing Unit Multiple Rubber Cones System
Rubber cones with special manufacturing shape assembled on two shafts counter-rotating at different speeds.

Multiple Rubber Cones Advantages:

  • Crushing capacity equal/higher than that of cylinders of more than double outer diameter (progressive crushing without the possibility of product accumulation inside the feed hopper).
  • Saw tooth shaped product passage (high efficiency with small cone size and low rotation speed).

Adjustable clearance between cones (from 2 to 32 mm) to carry out the requested crushing, avoiding skin and stalk tearing.

Crushing/No Crushing System
Wheel mounted crushing unit slides, allowing  for both the crushing and whole berry functionality. It also makes for an easy cleaning operation. A reference switch enables the crusher operation only when in position to insure your staff's safety.

Thanks to the total independence between destemmer and crusher unit, this machine has the possibility to work also as crusher destemmer.

Placing the crushing unit with the MULTIPLE RUBBER CONES over the feeding hopper, the “SPD” version is obtained.

Such shape is recommended in particular when processing traditionally harvested grapes; this work concept is very suitable with mechanically harvested grapes as well.

1. Grape Crusher

The Grape Crusher operation is carried out by means of the MULTIPLE RUBBER CONES system; in fact the two shafts, counter-rotating at different speeds, originate a relative speed between the opposite cone lines, thus causing the berries to detach from the stalk under the smallest possible pressure.

This type of operation results in a kind of soft berry removal, since almost all of the grapes separate at the stalk, helped by the spiral movement of the bunch. Moreover, the ability to differently space the rubber cones makes it possible to carry out a typical kind of crushing, squeezing the grape without mashing the skin or breaking the seed.

2. Destemmer
Once the berries have been separated from the grape stalks this unit, which is  equipped with shaped rubber shoes that allows the machine to eject the stalks, intact and dried, as well as extraneous matters out of the cage.

When processing grapes coming from mechanical harvested vineyards, the crusher can be placed before the destemmer which allows the release of some liquid helping the removal of leaves from the cage inner surface.


Total Dimensions:

Height 1450.0

Width 800 mm

Length 2080 mm

Cage Diameter 500 mm x 1000 mm

Crushing/Destemming Capacity 5 to 12 Ton per Hour