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Automatic Labeling Lines

At the Vintner Vault we are proud to represent and offer both Enos and NewTec Labelling!

No matter what your labeling needs are between Enos Linear Labeling Lines and NewTec Rotary Labeling Lines, we have covered! Linear Labeling Lines have a max speed of 5,000 bottle per hour for cylindrical bottles requiring a single label on the body of the bottle. When applying front and back labels to a cylindrical or square shaped bottle they have a maximum throughput of 4,000 bottles per hour. For throughputs requiring higher speeds we must use a rotary labeling line like the Panther and Leopard.

Also sometimes referred to as Finishing Lines, capsule applicators can be installed directly into the labeling line or produced as a stand alone Capsuling Line. The capsule applicator can have a single head like on the popular Nuova Piu or a multi-heads with either Capsule Spinners for Tin or Poly-laminate Capsules or a Thermal Heads for PVC Shrink Capsules like the Beta and Gamma models. PVC Shrink Capsules be applied faster with Thermal Heads then Tin or Poly-laminate Capsules can be with Capsule Spinners. Applying Champagne Style Capsules requires a pneumatic pleater and crimper which can be found on the Enos models Spumante, and Capsule Champagne.

All of our Labeling lines are custom made to your specific labeling needs. This does not mean however that you can't change label sizes, add new bottle formats, or even change capsule types after you have received your labeling line. This will only require change parts which are easily switched over in a manner of minutes.

Features & Options:

There are lots of features and options to choose from when deciding what you would like installed on your labeling line. We try to encourage the KISS (keep it simple stupid) philosophy if possible when it comes to labeling. The simpler the label configuration is the easier it will be for you to run the labeling line, and this will also be the most cost efficient solution!  Single labels are going to be your easiest but front and back labels is also very simple and easy! Adding a 3rd label station for a gold medal sticker, or a horizontal neck label are the next 2 simplest labels to add. Using a boot strap or vertical label on the that goes over the cork and down the opposite side of the neck is a little more complicated. Adding orientation systems to the labeling line to line your labels up with the writing on your capsule, the mark on your bottle, or for silk screened bottles is also very simple but it will reduce the max throughput speed of the labeling line because the machine will have to rotate the bottle prior to applying the labels. Very complicated label configurations usually require you to go with a rotary labeler. Below is small example of some of options available on our labeling lines.


  • Front Label on the Body of the Bottle
  • Front and Back Labels from a Single Spool
  • Horizontal Neck Label
  • Vertical Neck Label
  • Positioning System Related to the Mark on the Bottle
  • Tapered Bottle Kit
  • Mechanical Bottle Counters
  • Photocells for Overflow in Exit of Line
  • Extended Receiving Trays
  • Cork Indicators (Not Cork No Capsule)
  • Back Label on the Body of the Bottle
  • 2nd Label on the Body of the Bottle
  • 2nd Label on the Shoulder of the Bottle
  • Boot Strap or Vertical Label on both sides of the Neck
  • Positioning System Related to the Writing on the Capsule
  • Sensor for Transparent Labels
  • Label Height Indicators
  • Touch Screen Control Panels
  • Capsule Plateau with Applicator
  • By-Pass Rails

Please feel free to Contact Us via phone or email and talk to one of our labeling line professionals about your specific labeling needs!






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