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Our Column Stills are custom made to order based on your distilling requirements. Let us know what capacity you would like the kettle, and our engineers will design a column with the correct diameter column or columns for an efficient run. We offer column stills with as few as 4 bubble plates to stills with 16 bubble plates. Have ceiling restrictions? We can build the double or triple columns so you get the correct amount bubble plates and they will fit in your distillery! Need a gin basket? No problem we can add Gin Baskets onto any column still we produce. Want a multi-functional still where you can control the amount of bubble plates you run for a particular batch, again no problem! We offer column stills with 3 way valves so you can by pass bubble plates or bypass the columns all together and run a fast stripping run. We also offer pneumatic valve stills where every bubble plate is controlled with a pneumatic valve so you can open or close any bubble plate you want. 


How would you like to heat your still's kettle? We offer insulated jacketed kettles that are steam fired, insulated non jacketed electric kettles, and Bain Marie Stills where the heating elements are inside a jacketed kettle filled with oil or a water bath, that is also insulated. This allows for very precise temperature control of the kettle especially important when working with fragile botanicals where too high of temperature can create off flavors. It also increases the life span of the heating elements. Need a showpiece for your Distillery's tasting room? We can clad everything in Copper and make your column still a true work of art! Need to save money? We can only use copper on only the parts required for proper reflux. The options and designs are nearly limitless to your imagination, distilling needs, and your budget!

Commercial Column Still


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