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Welcome to the Hybrid Stills section of our website! Here we offer a couple examples of what is possible when we design a commercial still for your distillery. All our hybrid and column stills are custom made to order, based on your distilling requirements, specifications, and imagination. Let us know what features you are looking for, the capacity of the kettle, any size or height restrictions in distillery, and our engineers will start designing a hybrid column still with the correct diameter bubble plates and columns for an efficient run. We offer hybrid column stills with as few as 4 bubble plates to stills with 16 bubbles plates. If desired every bubble plate on the column still can be open and closed with pneumatic valves. We can built single columns, twin columns, or triple columns. Our stills can be built with or without Gin Baskets depending on your preference and which types of spirits your distillery is producing. 


The name Hybrid Stills come from the multifunctional characteristics of the column still. Hybrid Stills can be run as a simple Pot Still, a Stripping Still, or as a Column Still. Three way valves can control which section of the still your spirit vapors travel through allowing you to bypass any section you desire. For example when running a Gin you would keep the Gin Basket open and run through the first column or choose to run through only 4 bubble plates. When running a Vodka you will want tot run through all 16 bubble plates. When doing a quick stripping run you can bypass everything but the helmet and Lyne Arm. Another feature included in most hybrid column stills is making the column bases useful to the distiller. Instead of just be a support base for the column, we turn the column support base into a tank that catches all the hot water from the dephlegmators and stores the hot water so after your distilling run you have hot water ready for the built in CIP system which cleans your still. You imagination and your budget are the only obstacles when designing the perfect Hybrid Column Still for your Distillery and we are here to help!

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