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 At The Vintner's Vault we know you have several options as where to purchase your winery equipment from. Whether your looking for an entire turn-key winery, crush pad equipment, wine tanks, monoblock bottling lines, wine filters, centrifuges, or must pumps, to name but a few we have you covered. We know that not only quality, price, and excellent customer service are important to our customers but also, having the first hand knowledge and experience of actually using the equipment in a commercial application can be of great value.

This is one of the many things that sets The Vintner Vault apart from our competition in terms of winery equipment. We can assist you in the designing an efficient winery from the start or assist in modifying an existing winery to a more efficient labor friendly design.  We also have a full fabrication shop that can custom modify, build, and fix just about anything in the winery equipment industry.      


When it comes to winery equipment almost all wineries make equipment quality a number one priority. Insuring you are doing what is best for your fruit as well as avoiding equipment failure during harvest season can insure you avoid costly issues.

This is why at Vintner’s Vault we carry only the highest quality winery equipment that is made to hold up under the abuse of a winery’s day to day operation. We use our custom crush facility to test several different winery equipment manufactures and choose only the best manufactures. Quality not only in the handling of the fruit or wine, but quality & reliability in the equipment itself and options that can save you headaches and money spent on labor.  


At Vintner’s Vault, service is our middle name. We believe creating life long relationships with our clients is the best way to do business. We commonly refer to this as "taking care of our own".

Whatever the job, task, or situation, we will be there when you need us. We hope no one has an issue during those busy and stressful times but when it happens our technical team is here to make sure you are back in action as quickly as possible.


Setting up a winery or expanding an existing winery costs money. Our staff has not only set up and designed numerous wineries but has also traveled in the efforts to educate ourselves on just about any way it can be done. We can help you save money by designing a winery that works intelligently from the start. Not sure about a product? At Vintner’s Vault there is never a charge for assistance or advise.

Turn-Key Packages

Turn-key Packages are one of specialties of the Vintner Vault. Having one company that can quote, install, train your staff, and maintain all your winery equipment is a great asset. The more winery equipment we put together for you, the more wiggle room we have when it comes to pricing your crush pad and winery equipment. We will take your facilities dimensions and layout not only all your winery equipment, tanks, and crush pad equipment, but we can also assist you in laying out your electrical needs and locations and wells as water and air, in auto cad to scale. This can be of great assistance when working with your contractors. We also fabricate and install custom catwalk systems, and do complete temperature control solutions not only for your tanks but your winery as well. Please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you...  


As winemakers ourselves, we understand the need for the gentle handling of our fruit and at the same time functionality & usability of the winery equipment. Shortening the time it takes to get a certain job accomplished can lead to substantial savings over the course of a vintage. Equipment designed to do a set task as gently as possible will lead to the improved quality of the wines we produce. We are especially  interested in technological winery equipment that does both at the same time.

For example our ATI Softpress is the softest and fastest press on the Market. Getting higher yields, at lower pressures, in half the time, while reducing oxidation, and improving the quality of your wines makes this press a no brainer. When you look at the capacity it can press in a 8 hour day it is also more economical that other tradition horizontal bladder presses. They are also much easier and faster to clean, with the larger presses having a automated self cleaning cycle! Besides increasing the quality of your wines, you save time, labor and money!

Another example is the Corrado Peristaltic pump. We all know that peristaltic pumps are the most gentle way to pump grape must or wine. The Corrado peristaltic pump takes it up another notch because it also has the ability to adjust not only the speed but the roller pressure. This means several things in real winery application. You can now barrel fill and shut the fill valves without the use of pressure switches and without any pressure surges on the wine which can damage and oxide the wines. This also means that when you're finished using the pump you can release all the pressure on the membrane, so the roller never has to be removed from the pump. In our opinion this is currently the best pump on the market...      

Borelli Bottling lines are another great example of incredible technology that makes sense, saves your winery money, and does not create bottling nightmares found on other monoblock bottling lines. They have solved many of the problems that plague other manufactures bottling lines. They are very simple to operate, (no engineer needed) and require very little maintenance. They do not use fragile lasers or sensors which can malfunction on a regular basis. Nothing on a Borelli Bottling Line can ever get out of alignment because the entire monoblock is cam driven. They have eliminated all springs on the filler risers because springs wear out over time. They are the most bullet proof monoblock bottling lines we have found. They are very affordable and can be much more economical than bringing in a bottling line service even for small production wineries.

When it comes to Stainles Steel Wine Tanks we are proud to offer AG Inox Stainless Steel Wine Tanks and Fermenters. We have carried other manufactures of wine tanks in the past and once we found AG Inox we have never looked back. With incredible craftsmanship, attention to detail and beautiful sanitary welds, you will be very happy with the quality of these wine tanks. They are completely customizable to your specifications their is no limit to what we can do. Because of AG Inox's incredible state of the art tank production facility, we can offer these high quality wine tanks manufactured in Italy for less money than many inferior tank manufactures on the market today.