Mildewcide 1G


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Known for quality, performance and durability throughout wine industries, Mildewcide Coating is trusted for protecting wineries and vineyards.

The Mildewcide coating (also known as BarrelGuard) is a specially formulated, coating for wood that will allow it to breathe. It will enhance and preserve the appearance of your valuable wine barrels for years.

BarrelGuard/Mildewcide Coating is a combination of emulsified acrylic resins and oxidizing oils plus agents to control mildew, wood borers and other organisms on wood containers and barrels, while at the same time allowing them to breathe. It is milky green, but dries to a clear satin finish.

Use: Two coats, applied 24 hours apart are recommended. If applied to used barrels, clean the outside of the barrel with soda ash and hot water, then apply sodium hypochlorite (clorox) solution to kill any mold and to brighten the wood.

Coverage is about 200 sq. ft. per gal. Barrels coated with X650 won't stain or discolor. Do not apply when temperature is below 60 degrees F.