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Borelli Automatic Rotary multi-head free-standing or built-in corkers from 4,500 to 16,000 bph

FUTURA mh is the line of automatic rotary corkers produced by BORELLI group, who has always been a leader in the construction of closing systems for small to medium productions. For the mh version, machines, we cooperate with AROL Spa, world leader in the construction of closing systems.

Flexibility, innovation, and technology for machines characterized by a value for money at the top of the market. All FUTURA mh corkers are available in free-standing version or built in the monoblocks of the COMPACT system mh and EURO system mh series.


  • Up to 4,500 to 16,000 Bottle per Hour

Voltage: (avaialble in)

  • 220V 3 Phase 60 Hz
  • 480V 3 Phase 60 Hz


  • Compressed Air

Bottle Formats: (Depending on Model)

  • Cylindrical Glass Bottles
  • Square Glass Bottles
  • PET Bottles




FUTURA mh, up to 16,000 bph

For throughputs ranging from 3,000 and 16,000 bph we cooperate with AROL Spa, world leader in the construction of closing systems. The FUTURA mh corkers are available as free-standing machines or assembled in the COMPACT system mh and EURO system mh monoblocks. Our range of products is extremely wide and can supply closure systems of all types for glass and PET bottles for the beverage industry.

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ALEXA S2.0, quality without compromises.

The new ALEXA S2.0 for straight corks is a project born from the experience, now of 40 years, BORELLI group acquired in the construction of corkers for natural straight corks and today, of course, also silicone and plastic material corks.

We wanted to implement a machine for low production rates with all the technology normally used for the corking turret of medium throughputs. Everything is made following the guideline of BORELLI group always caring to offer high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Borelli Alexa Corker


  • Construction of stainless steel,,stainless steel head, bronze chariots and jaws of hardened and ground N690 steel.
  • Simple adjustment of the closure of the jaws on eccentric pivot.
  • Big capacity hopper with new-design cork selection disc.
  • Cork plunger mounted on self-lubricating bushes and rods of chrome-plated steel ground for absolute absence of clearance even due to wear.
  • As option is available the innovative BORELLI group kit for under vacuum closure that does not use any vacuum pumps, yet compressed air exploiting the principles of Venturi tube.

KUV1, the innovative BORELLI group kit for under vacuum closure.

Borelli Alexa Corker


Today the evacuation of the air from the bottle neck in the corking with straight wine corks is an essential requirement for all producers.
We propose a solution with highest levels of technology, surprising as to efficiency, duration, noiselessness, and simplicity.

The KUV1 kit does not use any vacuum pumps, yet compressed air exploiting the principles of Venturi tube.
With this system we can guarantee constant levels of vacuum because it is not influenced by the performance of the vacuum pump. Besides, the kit does not require any maintenance, absolutely necessary for the vacuum pumps commonly used, and is not subject to any wear.
Constance of the performances in time, cleanness, hygiene.
KUV1 will surprise you.


FUTURA V2.0, tradition and technology.

FUTURA V2.0 is the conventional capper for alumium screw caps with speed rates up to 3,000 bph and represents the final evolution of this type of machines. We think it will be hard to introduce further improvements. The framework supporting the turret is an extremely sturdy central column of stainless steel hosting the manual, or optionally electrical, lifting system.
Its exceptional sturdiness is visible at first sight.

1) The caps chute, completely assembled with laser-cut stainless steel profiles, shows precision and sturdiness unknown till today.

2)The photocell on the chute controls both the start of the feeder and the machine stop in case of lack of caps automatically.

3)The 4-roller closing head is manufactured completely of stainless steel and is equipped with the NO CAP, NO ROLL device preventing the spinning in case of bottles accidentally arriving without the caps so protecting the glass container and the integrity.

Borelli Futura ScrewCapper



Among the alternative closures for wine put on the market in the recent years, the STELVIN® caps have con-quered an important share.
We at BORELLI group believed in the potential of this closure since the very first moment and therefore we developed specific solutions for this caps, with special attention to the size 30×60, very popular all over the world.

Stelvin ScrewCappers


Besides being equipped with all technical solutions found with the experience acquired in the closure of these caps, also the turret FUTURA V2.0 has the simplicity characterizing all BORELLI group solutions. As always, the result is even better than the expectations of the most demanding customers: an economical and simple, yet extraordinarily functional and sturdy machine.

Borelli T-Croker


T-Corks 'Pick & place'

The PP and PK versions with “Pick & Place” distribution system are suitable for all caps not applicable through pick off. Its most important application is the closure of the bottles with threaded plastic caps (FUTURA PK) on glass or PET bottles. The picture shows the “Pick & Place” system for T-corks on glass bottles (FUTURA PP).


PICK & PLACE: a refined technical Solution

The PICK & PLACE transfer system is the most refined technical solution for the distribution of threaded caps on glass and PET bottles.

Today this technology is applied to the whole range of BORELLI group corkers, even to the models of the ALEXA series for 2,000 bph.

This wide range of products enables us to offer customized technical solutions for any budget and any production requirements as to the caps to be used and the production rates.

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FUTURA FC, functional and sturdy.

If you need to close the bottles with crown corks, you can choose the FUTURA FC turret, whose main feature is sturdiness. In fact, it is well known that the closure of crown corks requires sturdy machines to obtain a good closure of the cork and guarantee a long life to the machine. The framework is manufactured completely of stainless steel; the corks are fed through a mechanical hopper and a chute made of laser-cut stainless steel profiles. The closing head is finished with extreme accuracy in all details to guarantee a perfect closure of the cork.

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