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Free-standing or built-in rinsing machines from 500 to 2,200 bph

The TECNA xp rinsing machines, even if maintaining all technological contents of the TECNA series, are characterized by an excellent value for price. For this reason they are the optimal solution for small and medium producers who do not want to renounce using a machine with high technological content even in case of small annual production.

The xp series is available in free-standing version or built in the CIAO+ xp and EURO system xp monoblocks.


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All TECNA’s quality...

The technological content in the rinsing machine is mainly concentrated in the bottle gripper. The gripper is obtained from stainless steel die-casting that are processed through CNC machines. The rubber pads are designed and worked on the profile of your bottles to guarantee a safe grip without damaging them. The substitution of the pads is simple, very rapid, and tool-free. The maintenance is reduced to the minimum and extremely easy.

Borelli Tecna Rinser

No bottle, no spray

The standard rinsing machine is equipped with valves allowing the jet of water or your rinsing solution only with the presence of the bottle.
This way their is not any rinsing solution waste and inconvenience due to free jets of water on the machine. Simply put if their is no bottle in a gripper the rinser cannot spary.

Bottling Line Rinser

Double treatment, nitrogen injection in the rinsing stage.

The configuration with double treatment, particularly interesting in the preparation of the bottle for the following filling stage, is available to order.
With this option it is possible to perform two treatments of the bottles: a first rinsing and dripping stage followed by an effective nitrogen injection into the bottle. In fact, neatly better results than with other injection systems currently available on the market can be obtained exploiting the rinsing machine to introduce nitrogen.

Borelli Bottling Line Rinser

...and all xp’s practicalness.

The xp version is characterized by the extreme simplicity of maintenance and use, even maintaining all the extraordinary features of the TECNA range. The gripper of stainless steel die-casting with twist overturn, the rubber pads worked on every single profile of bottle neck to obtain a safe grip without damaging the bottle, the electrical lifting facilitating the format change are only a part of the extraordinary characteristics of this rinsing machine. Also for the rinsing we succeeded in guaranteeing important technical contents without weighing on the costs.


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