Gamajet Gentle Jet


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The GentleJet was designed to gently remove tartrates and other soils from the inside of wine barrels, without the loss of toast. The GentleJet uses a low pressure approach to barrel cleaning by using 60 psi at 6 gpm, therefore eliminating the use of a pressure washer. By reducing the loss of toast, the life of the barrel is extended by 1 to 2 years. The GentleJet has a cycle time of 1 to 2 minutes, operating at 140 to 200 degrees. The GentleJet has an average life of 900 to 1200 hours, providing 3 times the life over other barrel cleaning machines. With lower pressure washer maintenance, an extension in barrel life, and the reliability of GamaJet, the choice is clear.

Note: This head does not work on its' own and must be used with a wand or bi-pod stand.