Fitan 50 Sq Meter Crossflow Filter

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50 Square Meters Crossflow Filter

Cross-flow filtration gets its name because the majority of the feed flow travels tangentially across the surface of the filter, rather than into the filter. The principal advantage of this is that the filter cake (which can blind the filter) is substantially washed away during the filtration process, increasing the length of time that a filter unit can be operational. It can be a continuous process, unlike batch-wise dead-end filtration.

Advantages of FITAN Cossflow Filters:

  • Filtering in automatic without the employment of filtering substrata and without residual.
  • Possibility, in base to the accessories, to filter white wines, red wines, foamy wines, lower part musts contained dregs.
  • Produced filtrate with inferior torbidità to 1 N.T.U.
  • Completes removal of the yeasts from the filtered product.
  • Strongly reduction of the bacterial position.

The accurate and reliable automatism of which the filter is gifted allows to maintain elevated performances and therefore to reach good autonomies before having to proceed to the phases of cleaning.

Transparent quality without compromises

The filtering represents one of the most delicate phases of the practical oenological for a long time and to realize it without considering as priority the safeguard of the quality of the wine, can determine irreparable damages. The tangential filters FITAN are the only ones to adopt a series of shrewdness to protect at the most the quality of your wine.

Membranes filtering in polypropylene

This type of membranes allows elevated productions. The chemical structure of the membrane is the alone one that allows to effect washings with base solutions of substances both sour and alkaline. The sanitation of the membranes and the protection from bacterial attacks always result in such way accurate and sure.

Exclusive Reflux system

The system Reflux effects in automatic, during the filtering, small cycles of washing of the membranes in against current. Reflux doesn't involve any loss of time or hourly production. It is effected without interrupting the cycles of job, allowing to lengthen the times of efficiency of the filter and to limit to the least one the number of washings. With Reflux they are saved time, produced detergents and it lengthens the life of the membranes.

Oxidation care system

The oxidation of the wines is the most frequent risk that races the consumer of tangential filters. FITAN filters realize all the phases Reflux with inactive gas. Such gas is used both for the management of the flows of wine and for its total protection from the oxidations. The wine to filter and already filtrate in inactive atmosphere are automatically found for all through the filtering.

Automatism to the more high-levels

All the parameters of job and all the functions of the filters FITAN is managed with microprocessor. The levels of pressure, of flow, of temperature and of efficiency, they are constantly available to the operator that is quickly told in case of anomalies. Same thing also happens durations the delicate phases of washing and maintenance of the membranes.

Facility of use and unique reliability

Complicating our life in phase of planning we have wanted to simplify yours. The FITAN filters are meticulously projected with the objective to respect the quality of the wine and to make the use and the maintenance of it extremely simple. Every detail is select with care and inserted in a harmonic and functional whole to the quality and the efficiency, without compromises on the costs of production. Simply to offer you the best that desires.

FITAN Crossflow Filters:

  • Made completely of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel, on wheels
  • Feeding pomp in steel inox aisi 316.
  • Circulation pomp in steel inox aisi 316.
  • Cylinder for filtered wine in steel inox aisi 304.
  • Automatic against-flow for cleaning membrane, to push of inactive gas managed by timers.
  • Motorized valve to modular opening for regulation against-flow.
  • Alarm of lack wine to be filtered with automatic stop of the machine.
  • Control board with PLC and keyboard touch screen in steel inox Aisi 304 to norms CE.
  • Membranes filtering to cave fiber with housing in steel inox aisi 316.
  • Indicative of course of the filtered wine.
  • Butterfly motorized valves with pneumatic driving.
  • Reservoir lung wine to be filtered and circulation wine.
  • Reservoir of accumulation water of washing.
  • Reservoir of accumulation water filtered for washing in against-flow.
  • Tub of harvest wine of drain plant.

The machine has been projected to manage the cycle of filtering in completely automatic way, all the manoeuvres of cleaning and emptying are also developed in automatic. With such version of tangential filters he succeeds in getting a perfect equilibrium between performances and price of purchase.


The typical functions of the filter are:

• Filtering wine: automatic

• Against-flow for cleaning membrane: automatic

• Emptying and unloading of the column: manual

• Washing of filtering: automatic

• Washing in depth: automatic

• Washing with water filtered in against flow: automatic

• Maintenance: automatic

Fitan 50 Sq Meter  Crossflow Filter

  • Performance with white wine - Lt / h 1250-6000
  • Performancewith red wine - Lt / h 1000-5250
  • Surface membranes - Mq. 50
  • Porosity membrane - μ m. 0,2
  • Pressure max to 20°C - bar 10
  • Delta max pressure in/out - bar 1,5
  • Pressure max in back flush - bar 0.5
  • Maximum temperature - °C 50
  • Material pomps inox
  • Hydraulic plant and valves inox
  • Material of reservoir inox
  • Installed power - kW 8
  • Length - mm. 2000
  • Width - mm. 1000
  • Height - mm. 1900
  • Weight - 400 Kg
  • Attach wine DIN 11851 40
  • Nitrogen links 8

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