Stemmer Imma i60

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The Imma i60 Grape Destemmer is specifically designed and engineered to be gentle! With two independently driven variable speed motors, one for the beater bars and another for the drum cage. This allows for complete fine tuning of the destemming based on the varietal of grapes you are working with. You can adjust the destemmer based on how strong the grapes are attached to the peduncle (smaller parts of the grape stems after the rachis). This grape destemmer can destem whole berries without breaking the skins and is so gentle it also used by fruit processing facilities for removing table grapes from the stems for fruit salads.
-Production: 50 to 60 tons per hour
-Price includes Crusher Unit

Imma i-Series Grape Destemmers


Made completely of high quality AISI-304 Stainless Steel Construction. The Cage and Beater Bar's Shaft are independent and each equipped with their own variable speed motor each control by frequency drives. Low rotation speed together with independent speed adjustment ensure perfect and gentle destemming of all kinds of grapes. Optimized grape feeding to the cage by a spiral-auger positioned at the beginning of the beater bar shaft.


Grape Destemmer Imma i-Series


The perforated cage's holes have a deceasing diameter to reduce the amount of jacks to a minimum. Their drawn edges are burr free for gentler grape handling that will not slice the grapes open. The cage rotates continuously keeping itself clean all the time.

Beater Bars:

The Beater Bars are equipped with food grade rubber tips to avoid breaking the grapes. The machine also has a device to adjust the offset position between the cage and beater bars, thus obtaining different clearances between the rubber tips of the beater bars and the inside of the cage! This is especially brilliant when processing mechanically harvested grapes, as it ensures effective removal of leaves from the cage!



Grape Destemmer Imma Open Cage





Grape Destemmer Crusher Rollers



Grape Crusher:

Imma designed one of the best crushing roller units any destemmer has ever seen! With two sets of very specially shaped food grade soft rubber conical rolls it will never crush a grape seed releasing all those undesirable bitters into your must. The Crushing Roller unit sits on wheels below the destemmer and can easily be pushed aside for cleaning, inspection, or when no crushing is desired without any tools! The Crusher's multiple cones have multiple advantages, like progressive crushing with no possibility of a bridge forming, and adjusting the spacing between the cones is as easy as turning a knob while the unit is running allowing you to choose what percentage of the grapes you would like crushed!


Imma iSeries Grape Crusher Destemmer

For High Quality Wine Production

The Imma i-Series Destemmer are full of features not found on most destemmers. They are very multifunctional and can be used as a Destemmer Only for whole grape destemming. A Destemmer Crusher which also allows you to choose the percentage of crushed grapes with the turn of a knob. A Crusher Destemmer when processing machine harvested fruit that also has leaves mixed in with the grapes.  A Crusher Only when your mechanically harvested fruit is destemmed in the vineyard. Below are some additional features of these destemmers not already covered in the description tab and in the design tab. 


Grape Destemmer Inspection Doors



No Destemming Feature:

With an easy movement, an inside devise allows you to cut the destemming function and simple send the grapes into the crushing rollers. This feature is great when receiving some mechanically harvested fruit that is destemmed in the vineyard by the harvester.

Partial Destemming Feature:

A removable door is located on the beginning of the cage to allow for partial destemming if desired. This door on the cage also allows for easier cleaning of the destemmer without removal of the beater bars and drum after daily use.


Grape Destemmer Imma Cage Close Up





Grape Destemmer Crusher



Crushing-No Crushing System:

With the Crushing Roller Unit mounted on wheels it can easily be rolled out of position when whole grapes are desired post destemming. This can be performed on the fly without any tools! A safety switch enables the unit to only operate when in the correct position, insuring staff safety! The spacing between the rollers are ajustable between 2 and 32mm with the simple turn of a knob. The crushing roller unit can also be placed before the destemmer's hopper or independently all together. 


Inspection Doors:

In order to increase the inspection, cleaning, and safety of this destemmer crusher, the main access door and crusher rolling unit are equipped with special safety switches which lock the system in the open position insuring your staff's safety!

Cage Washing Device:

A washing  pipe is installed on the inside cover of the destemmer for effective washing. Hook your water up and turn on the destemmer and it will do 75% of the cleaning work for you.





Imma i60 Grape Destemmer Specifications


  • Crushing/Destemming Capacity 50 to 60 Ton/Hour

Total Dimensions:

  • Height 2300 mm
  • Width 1150 mm
  • Length 3360 mm
  • Cage Diameter 800 x 2000 mm

i60 Grape Destemmer Schematic

i60 Grape Destemmer Schematic

Click to Enlarge, Schematic in mm (mm x 0.03937 = inches)