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Polyclar is a stabilizing additive for wine or beer which removes polyphenolic compounds and oxidized melanoidins. This means that when used in beer it will remove haze-causing husk tannins and oxidized compounds that contribute to off flavors.

When used in a finished wine it can help to remove haze-causing proteins. More importantly, it can remove oxidized flavor and aroma compounds, making the wine taste fresher while improving and enhancing the aroma.

Also able to gently reduce tannins. Use ½ g per liter of wine or beer. Dissolve powder in 500 ml of the wine or beer. Stir into larger amount, mixing very well. Wait for one week and rack from sediment. May cause gushing and foaming when added; when in doubt, add to wine or beer in a container with 25% larger volume than the liquid inside. 5 ml (one teaspoon) = approximately 1.1 g.

Although Polyclar will remove haze it is not primarily a fining agent. Using more than the recommended amount can strip melanoidins (color and flavor compounds) from a beer. Store at room temperature.