Pump Vigor 150 1.5" TC

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Food Grade Flex Impeller Pump capable of up to 34 GPM. The Heads pump heads are brought in from Italy and mated with an American made Nord Inversion grade motor. The AC Tech Frequency Drive gives you the ability to control the direction and flow rate of your pump. The 304 Stainless Steel cart is manufatured in house with rugged, non-skid wheels.

Self Priming
Dual Directional Flow
Frequency Inverter
Remote Control Unit, with 20’ Cord
Pump Capable of Reaching 2 bar (30 psi)
Remote for Speed and Direction Control
HIGH TEMP IMPELLERS available for an additional cost
Up to 35GPM

The Vigor 150

Flexible Impeller Head:

The Vigor 150 is a 1.5" Tri-Clover flexible impeller pump. Because of their design, these pumps are reversible and self-priming, allowing suction from a maximum height of 5 meters. These types of pumps can pump materials of both low and high viscosity, as well as materials containing particles or gasses.

Due to the eccentric shape of the pump housing, a vacuum is created in the suction side that enlarges the volume between the blades. By spinning the rotor, the product is carried from the suction side to that of delivery. Due to the shape of the pump housing, in the discharge side the blades bend, reducing the volume between them and causing the discharge of the product.


Nord Motor & Transmission Features:


Lightweight housing, stronger bearings: NORDBLOC gear motors have been constructively and significantly improved for the new design. The design is based on lightweight aluminum die cast housings allowing for the integration of larger and stronger bearings, further more the drive units can now be installed more efficiently.

  • Durable, natural protection against corrosion
  • Longer service life
  • You can add a very short, space-saving, weight-saving IEC adapter
  • Optional ATEX model
  • Gear motors are available with feet, flanges, or as combined variants

AC Tech SMV Frequency Inverter Features

The most technically advanced inverter drive continues Lenze - AC  Tech's tradition of  innovative compact  inverter design. The  performance and  flexibility make the  SMVector an attractive  solution for a broad  range  of AC Motor  applications and with  several communications  protocols available,  networking drives and  components into a  system solution can be  done now or in the future.

Programmable digital and analog I/O allow the drive to be configured for many application specific tasks such as multiple preset speeds, electronic braking and motor jogging to name a few. Like all Lenze - AC Tech sub-micro drives, the SMVector uses EPM memory technology for fast and efficient programming.

New Optional Wireless Remote Control

    Intelligent power management - EasySyne RF teach

    Two-way communication

     Actively protected & monitored I/O

     Real-time Feedback - Active safety checking

Range (up to): 300'


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