1000 Liter Pnuematic Valve Hybrid Still

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1000 Liter Steam Fired Still with Pneumatic Vales that control the opening or closing all of the plates in the columns. The support Columns are storage tanks for storing the heated water from the dephlegmatore to run a CIP after the run.

This still is designed with the versatility and efficiency that the master distiller has always wanted. The versatility to produce any spirit. (Brandy, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Rum, etc.) in a single pass. There are pneumatic valves controlling all the plates in the column, so any number of the discs can be used or bypassed by the push of a button. With a glass and copper screen Gin basket and 16 total plates in dual columns, even a vodka or neutral spirit can be produced in a single pass. The dual columns are the same size and reach a height of only 14.5 feet allowing it to fit easily in most distilleries. 

For efficiency we have made the column 16.5" in diameter with 17 copper bells per plate, each bell is 1.5" in diameter.  Each plate is also illuminated by its own LED light. We have also turned the bases for the columns into tanks to collect the water that is used in the dephlegmator. This now heated water will be collected and stored in the tanks so it is ready to use for the CIP system to clean the columns after the run. A built in pump is included to run the CIP System and is already hard piped into the tanks and column's CIP's making cleaning the still much easier and less time consuming.



  • 1000 Liter Capacity
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Red T2 Copper
  • Dish Shaped Top and Dish Shaped Bottom
  • Thickness: Inner Tank: 4mm (Copper), Jacket: 4mm, Cladding: 2 mm
  • Tank Ø1200 mm x 1000 mm Tall
  • Explosion Proof Agitator 1.5Kw/ 60 RPM
  • Manway with Large Glass Window and LED Light for Easy Visibility
  • CIP Cleaning Ball, Reflux Nozzle, Thermometer and Butterfly Valve Included
  • Total Still is 10' Long x 4' Wide x 17' Tall

Dual 8 Plate Reflux Columns

  • Red T2 Copper
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Column Ø450 mm x 1900 mm
  • Pneumatic Valve Allowing Bypass for each Plate
  • 17 Bells Ø38 mm each per plate
  • CIP cleaning balls for each plate
  • LED Light for each Plate

Dual Dephlegmator

  • Red T2 Copper
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Tubular Condenser
  • Mirror Polishing Interior


  • Red T2 Copper
  • Mushroom Shaped
  • Thickness 3 mm

Gin Basket:

  • Copper with Glass Exterior
  • Thickness 3 mm


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Tubular Condenser
  • Mirror Polishing Interior


  • 304 Stainless Steel with Glass Cover

Hard Piping

  • 304 Stainless Steel with DIN Connection

CIP Pump & Manifold

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Centrifugal Pump




1000L Pneumatic Still

N1: Outlet, 2" DIN

N2: Steam  Inlet, 1." Female Thread      

N3: Pressure Relief, 1" Female Thread

N4: Condensate Outlet, 0.75" Male Thread

N5: Reflux Inlet, 1.25" DIN

N6: Manway, DN 350

N7: Inlet, 1.5" DIN

N8: Steam Outlet, 2" DIN                             

N9: Cooling Water Outlet, 1.25" DIN

N10: Cooling Water Inlet, 1.25" DIN

N11: Outlet, 1.25" DIN

T: Temperature Gauge

CIP: 0.5" Quick Installed

SG: Sight Glass DIN 100

LG:  LED Light DIN 40



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