250 Liter Figgins Reciprocator

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Designed and Patented by Rusty Figgins of the Spirits Institute of Pudget Sound. This dual kettle pot and column hybrid system relies on the flow of two opposing streams of spirit vapor to attenuate alcohol strength by increasing suspension time and hence greatly improving reflux. This patented design is perfect for a distiller wishing to maximize reflux and amplify quality in just a single pass!

The Figgins Reciprocator permits the production of fine spirits in a completely different way. As spirit vapour rises out of each copper orb, one path of vapour alternately advances and retreats as the opposing vapour retreats and advances, in a rapid reciprocating action. The slight compression that results from this action cools the spirit vapour, causing it to return to the kettles as liquid for another of many internal distillations. Meanwhile, a portion of the spirit vapour rises and either passes to the copper column and bubble plates, or directly

to the condenser when the Figgins Reciprocator is in potstill mode, depending upon how the appropriate valving is configured. The Figgins Reciprocator has the added advantage of rapid heat-up time when compared to heating the same charge volume in a single-kettle still, with no additional energy demand. Finally, spirits made in the Figgins Reciprocator benefit from twice the amount of sulphur-binding copper than any other still of comparable total volume, owing to the dramatically improved surface area of the dual-kettle design.


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