Thermometer C. Probe Flex 3'


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Few manufacturers have given any thought to providing the user a convenient means to monitor internal temperature conditions from the outside. When the contents of freezer and refrigeration units must be monitored to ensure their safety and preservation, you need a thermometer just as sophisticated and efficient. The HI 147 is the ideal choice when you need accurate and reliable temperature monitoring. How do you know when the reading on any thermometer is correct? You could make an ice point or slurry. Even then there could be several degrees difference in the real and the theoretical, or perceived, temperatures. With HI 147, you do not need to waste time preparing for and making these tests. Its unique Cal-Check® feature can do it for you. Conveniently located on the face of the thermometer is a TEST switch. Engage the switch and the HI 147 performs an internal calibration check. In only a few seconds, you see the results on the large liquid crystal display. Return the switch to the READ position and the HI 147 returns to its normal measuring status