Electrode Storage Sol. 230mL


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MA9015 is a lab grade electrode storage solution prepared with premium chemicals to improve the performance and extend the life of your pH and ORP electrodes, testers and pens.

To ensure a quick response and free-flowing liquid junction, the sensing element and reference junction must not be allowed to dry out. Properly storing your pH electrode in a solution keeps the glass membrane well hydrated which maintains proper function and provides accurate readings.

MA9015 also helps keep the junction in your pH and ORP electrode flowing which is critical for fast results.

Fundamental for the correct use of electrodes and for obtaining the most accurate and reproducible readings.
Formulated to minimize organic growth on your electrode.
Sealed against light with air tight, tamper proof cap.
Factory blended to precise standards in a dedicated, temperature controlled environment.
Simply open and add to the cap of your electrode or tester.
Each bottle marked with lot number and expiration date.