Ebulliometer Dujardin Salleron


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An ebulliometer is designed to accurately measure the boiling point of liquids by measuring the temperature of the vapor-liquid equilibrium either isobarically or isothermally.

The primary components in a Swietoslawski ebulliometer, which operates isobarically, are: the boiler, the Cottrell pumps, the thermowell, and the condenser. Such an ebulliometer can be used for extremely accurate measurements of boiling temperature, molecular weights, mutual solubilities, and solvent purities by using a resistance temperature device (RTD) to measure the near-equilibrium conditions of the thermo well.

The ebulliometer is frequently used for measuring the alcohol content of dry wines. See also Sweetness of wine and Oechsle scale.

• Sturdy : all metallic parts
• Portable
• Fast and easy-to-use
• Simplified maintenance : removable spare parts
• Accurate and reliable
• Can also be equipped with a special boiler for vinegar (Ref.160100)

Comes complete with wooden case, DS Temp precision thermometer, calculation disk, alcohol lamp, water/wine measurement tube and a box of wicks.