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Automatic Capsule Labeling Monoblock

-Up to 2300 BPH with Dual Capsule Spinners
-Up to 3000 BPH with Dual Thermal Heads

Max Labeling Stations: 4

Designed to apply the following adhesive labels:

Label & Back Label on Cylindrical Bottles Only

Other Technical Features:

  • Dual Head Capsule Closing System Carorsel with Dual Capsule Spinners or Dual Thermal Heads
  • Large Capsule Distributor with Electronic Plateau
  • Collection Tray 70 x 50 cm

Available Options:

  • Additional Single Capsule Closing Head with Thermal Head or Spinner
  • 2nd Back Label
  • Round Label on the Shoulder of the Bottle
  • Horizonital Neck Label
  • Vertical Neck Label Over the Top of Bottle
  • Front & Back Label from Single Spool
  • Positioning System Related to the Bottle Notch
  • Positioning System in Relation to the Label or Capsule (Optical)
  • Tapered Roller for Application of Labels on Conical Shaped Bottles
  • Cork Indicator (No Cork No Capsule)
  • Change Parts for Additional Bottle Formats
  • Mechanical Counter
  • Start Cycle Photocell
  • Overflow Stop Photocell
  • Photocell for Transparent Labels
  • Label Height Indicator
  • Automatic Stop for Empty Label Reel
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Extended Receiving Tray 50 x 100 cm
  • 220V Single or Three Phase 60 Hz


Production: Dual Capsule Spinners up to 2300 b/h,  Dual Thermal Heads up to 3000 b/h (Single Head: 1500b/h with Spinner, 2500b/h with Thermal Head) 

Size: 1200 x 3500 x 18000h mm
Net weight: 700 kg
Worktop: 1000mm ±
Motor: 3 Kw
Compressed Air Requirement: 50 NL/Min at 6 Bar

Max Label Stations: 4