Enos Euro Capsule Spumante

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Automatic Capsuling Monoblock for the Application of Champagne Foils

-Up to 1000 BPH
-Up to 800 BPH with Centering Positioning System

-Champagne Bottles

Designed to apply the following adhesive Capsules:

  • Champagne Foils Only

Other Technical Features:

  • Large Distrubutor for Champagne Foils

Available Options:

  • Positioning System in Relation to the Text on the Champagne Foil
  • Change Parts for Additional Bottle Formats
  • Mechanical Counter
  • Start Cycle Photocell
  • Overflow Stop Photocell
  • Receiving Tray 50 x70
  • Extended Receiving Trey 50 x 100 cm
  • 220V Single or Three Phase 60 Hz