Filter Lenticular 16" 3 stack

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SS Leticular Filter Housing consists of SUS316L or SUS304, and takes filter cartridge as its element. The SS filter housing can be used for filtration of liquid, gas and 0.1um above particles and bacteria, with a high removal rating and flow rate. It possesses properties of lower absorption, no medium shedding, no leakage, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. In addition, it is easy to wash and can be back flushed. It is an ideal filtration system for the wine industry.


Poly Ether Sulphone [PES] Cartridges are made of poly ether Sulphone with uniform pore distribution to ensure maximum performance in bacterial retentions. PES Cartridges are produced in controlled environments & under stringent production conditions that ensure filter quality & cleanliness. Specific pore size distribution for full bacterial retention to ensure sterile effluent even under process upsets.

Maximum working pressure:

10Bar 145Psi 25C

7Bar 100Psi 60C

6Bar 87Psi 80C

3.2Bar 46Psi 145c

Features Of PES Filter Cartridges:

End caps and connectors are sealed by thermal bond, free from binder.
Low pressure drop and high flow rate due to high filtration area of 0.7 m2 per 10” cartridge.
PES Filter cartridges are Absolute rated.
Autoclave or in situ steam sterilization features.
Integrity test is possible.