Lift Conveyor 6M

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IMMA Inclined Conveyer, Has hand pump lift mechanism, electrical control box with safety button. To be used in line with a sorting table dumping into conveyor then up to a crusher/destemmer, or directly into a press for white whole cluster pressing.

6 Meter Lift Conveyor

Main Features:

  • Caged Shaped Stainless Steel Transfer Roll
  •  Belt with Battens - 400 mm Wide, Also available  in 300 & 500 mm Wide
  • Holed Steel Plate Dropping Section

Belt Drive:

  •  White FDA approved PVC
  •  Side seal for Life Hermetic Guarantee

Motor Drive:

  •  Gear motor Direct Drive

Belt Conveyor:

  •   2 mm thick steel plate outer casing
  •   1.5 mm thick steel plate inner casing
  •   Sanitary rubber coated stainless steel drive
  •   Inspection & Washing side opening
  •   Belt tension adjustment tie rods
  •   Corrosion proof stainless ball bearings
  •   Drain outlet enological fitting
  •   Units available with adjustable heights
  •   Mounted on wheels for easy handling
  •   IP55 protection On/Off button

Standard Features:

  • Mounted on  Wheels for easy Handling
  • Electrical Panel
  • Variable Inclination  w. Manual Pump


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