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The new malaxing era is called Protoreattore® Pieralisi

With Protoreattore® the Pieralisi Group has gained supremacy in the field of machines for the production and extraction of olive oil. A unique system in the world olive oil market revolutionizing the traditional process of malaxing ensuring important advantages both in the processing of continuous and batch production.

The greater quality of the processed product is in fact due to the drastic decrease in the malaxing time and the automatic management of the malaxing parameters; capacity, time and temperature. Energy savings thanks to the reduction of the processing time and heat losses.

Lower investment costs with the same processing capacity thanks to the significant removal of the malaxing basins.
The processed oil result is seen by clear and measurable data: an increase in the presence of polyphenols, improved organoleptic quality.

A technological revolution leading Pieralisi’s customer in the new malaxing era.

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Passion, tradition and innovation. These have been the core values of the Pieralisi Group since 1888, when its first workshop opened in the small town of Monsano. Today, the Pieralisi Group is the world leader in providing state of the art separation solutions using centrifugal force.
Pieralisi systems deliver optimal performance -both for continuous cycle and batch processing -enhancing, on one hand, the quality of the oil, which is even richer in polyphenols and, on the other, making it possible to harness the full potential of the by-products so they can be another source of income for the oil mill.
With Pieralisi Group’s long-standing experience in the industry, it is the only one of its kind able to supply its customers, all over the world, with a turn-key product for the entire olive processing cycle: from leaf removal to washing, to crushing and malaxing, followed by extraction and separation.
The Pieralisi Group continuously invests in innovation. It has filed hundreds of international patent applications (25 are currently active), which embody and demonstrate its commitment to the research and development of new technologies.



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Safety and assurance play an increasingly important role in a world where mechanical engineering is becoming increasingly complex.
This is why Pieralisi, UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certified, takes great care in the design and manufacture of its machinery in accordance with quality assurance and safety standards to ensure compliance with key directives such as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/ UE, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/UE and the ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE.
The control panels, designed in accordance with strict quality and safety standards, are custom built in order to meet the specific requirements of each stage of the production process.

Oil mill operations are facilitated by the highly intuitive devices and the correlation between the panel and system which is simple and easy to understand, focusing in particular on the safety indicators. Pieralisi's advanced control systems can be linked to other machinery at the oil mill to create an extensive digital network and are also set up for remote communication, if desired. Pieralisi issues CE certification pertaining to the entire oil milling system during installation which is further proof of the attention it pays to the needs of the oil miller and its company.

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The malaxation phase completes the development process of flavours and the organoleptic properties of olive oil started in the crushing phase. Malaxing involves slowly stirring the paste while it is thermal conditioning which causes the microscopic oil and water drops to coalesce, forming increasingly larger drops. The shape, volume and size of the paddles and the number of revolutions are key factors in obtaining the maximum yield and quality.
Pieralisi malaxing systems are composed of independent malaxer unit, suitable for both batch processing and industrial processing, designed to operate at different temperatures and speeds.

The optimum diameter of the Pieralisi malaxing tanks ensure top performance in heat exchange, reducing the possibility of the formation of emulsions. Larger volumes may reduce the efficiency of the heat exchange and require a longer malaxing time for the paste to achieve the optimal temperature. This can result in a loss in output of the process and a deterioration in the quality of the oil due to fermentation which may give it a winey taste and cause the very important values of alkyl esters to rise. The particular geometry of the paddles, the different diameter of the two blades and the angle of rotation make it possible to mix the paste thoroughly.

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The rotation speed is set to prevent emulsion. The fully independent units are made of stainless steel, and have double walls for hot water circulation. Each unit is equipped with probes to check the minimum/ maximum level and temperature of the paste and also feature an automatically operated butterfly for draining them. Each unit has a washing system that operates on demand or at the end of processing each batch of olives. Pieralisi malaxing units are second to none. As a matter of fact, they are built according to the highest standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring the absolute lowest malaxing times and dramatically improve the quality of the oil. The Pieralisi Group produces tanks for 600 ÷ 2000 litres to meet all needs: from small batches to industrial-sized quantities. The top-of-the-line models allow the traceability of all parameters of the batch being processed.

• Maximum energy efficiency and reduced malaxing times thanks to the optimum diameter.
• No wastage since the paste is fed into the tank by means of a three-way valve.
• The modular design of the malaxer makes it possible to add even just one unit based on the miller’s requirements.
• Control of process parameters via an electronic control panel with a computerised touch screen.
• Processing can be done in each tank at different temperatures.
• Special automatic washing systems to ensure that each batch is not contaminated by the previous batch.
• The tanks are equipped with an electronic flow meter which measures the water added in three-phase processing and the draining process after each batch. A special device stops the pump if there is not enough water.



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