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For special conditions, e.g. a request for milder oil in order to meet the demands of some customers, Pieralisi recommends a double grid which makes it possible to produce a more mild and delicate olive oil. These crushers are suitable for processing olive cultivars with a high concentration of polyphenols.
The crusher reduces their extraction time whilst ensuring an excellent yield even if it is lower than that of a single grid crusher and a lower amount of hours worked.
The grids with flared holes are easily interchangeable.

All Pieralisi crushers are entirely made of stainless steel, equipped with an inverter and a stand. The specially designed sound insulation keeps noise down to a minimum during processing.

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Passion, tradition and innovation. These have been the core values of the Pieralisi Group since 1888, when its first workshop opened in the small town of Monsano. Today, the Pieralisi Group is the world leader in providing state of the art separation solutions using centrifugal force.
Pieralisi systems deliver optimal performance -both for continuous cycle and batch processing -enhancing, on one hand, the quality of the oil, which is even richer in polyphenols and, on the other, making it possible to harness the full potential of the by-products so they can be another source of income for the oil mill.
With Pieralisi Group’s long-standing experience in the industry, it is the only one of its kind able to supply its customers, all over the world, with a turn-key product for the entire olive processing cycle: from leaf removal to washing, to crushing and malaxing, followed by extraction and separation.
The Pieralisi Group continuously invests in innovation. It has filed hundreds of international patent applications (25 are currently active), which embody and demonstrate its commitment to the research and development of new technologies.



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Safety and assurance play an increasingly important role in a world where mechanical engineering is becoming increasingly complex.
This is why Pieralisi, UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certified, takes great care in the design and manufacture of its machinery in accordance with quality assurance and safety standards to ensure compliance with key directives such as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/ UE, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/UE and the ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE.
The control panels, designed in accordance with strict quality and safety standards, are custom built in order to meet the specific requirements of each stage of the production process.

Oil mill operations are facilitated by the highly intuitive devices and the correlation between the panel and system which is simple and easy to understand, focusing in particular on the safety indicators. Pieralisi's advanced control systems can be linked to other machinery at the oil mill to create an extensive digital network and are also set up for remote communication, if desired. Pieralisi issues CE certification pertaining to the entire oil milling system during installation which is further proof of the attention it pays to the needs of the oil miller and its company.

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The crushing and malaxing processes are the starting point of the most delicate phases in the olive oil production process.

The quality of the oil, how the flavours develop, and the oil extraction yield depend on the type of crushing and the subsequent malaxing phase.

The olives must be properly crushed in order to:
• facilitate the extraction of oil and important minor compounds;
• break the kernels into appropriately sized fragments to ensure more effective malaxing and more efficient centrifugal extraction;
• minimise oxidation of the paste (reduced peroxide).

The design and quality construction of Pieralisi crushers ensure seamless processing, keep temperatures down and they are able to adapt to the different types of olives. Unlike other crushers, usually equipped with a fixed grid, Pieralisi crushers
are also equipped with a unique counter-rotating grid. The outwardly flaring holes of this grid facilitate expulsion, reducing the number of peroxides in the oil caused by the pulp rubbing against the metal, and also decrease wear of the parts. The shape of the hammer and grid ensure uniform particle size and that the olive kernels are crushed into sharp slivers, which is extremely important for the subsequent phase of malaxation.

Pieralisi crushers are available with a single grid (2800 rpm) or double grid (1400 rpm) to suit the different olive cultivars or the different requirements of the producer and, in doing so, manipulate the bitter and spicy tones of the olive produced. The bar grid is a preferred solution as it increases crushing capacity by 30% and reduces energy consumption.
All parts coming into contact with the olive and paste are made of stainless steel and are feed into the machine via a screw elevator which, thanks to the troncoconical shape, allows the olives to move smoothly without piling up.
There is no doubt that Pieralisi hammer crushers are the best solution for millers who want to get the best quality and highest yields of olive oil.

• Capable of varying the sensory attributes of the oil by enhancing some organoleptic and aromatic characteristics. The various crushers are equipped with inverters used to change the rpm of the main motor and consequently the hammer/blades impeller.
• Maximum yield with minimum energy consumption.
• Seamless processing ensured by the quality design and construction which keeps the temperature down and is suitable for different types of olives.
• Using Pieralisi technology, the crusher is equipped with a control system that ensures maximum crusher performance with no need to worry about pesky blockages or lost time to fix the issue.

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• Practically noise-free due to its sturdy design, precision in construction and special external soundproof coating solution.
• All parts coming into contact with the olive and paste are made of stainless steel.

All Pieralisi crushers are equipped with a counter rotating grid which, bygenerating a centrifugal force, facilitate the outflow of the pulp. The grid also features outwardly flaring holes designed to reduce paste friction and increase the durability of the grid.
Pulp is pushed out of crushers that do not have these features only through the pushing action of the hammers. This increases the peroxide value caused by the friction created in the paste and causes the grids to wear out quicker.
The hammers, equipped with interchangeable plates made of hardened metal, and the contour of the perforated grid ensure that the oil pockets break perfectly and that the kernels are crushed in a uniform manner.

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