Carton Erectors

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Automatic carton erecting machine for American style cartons. Shapes the cartons and seals bottom of carton with hot glue.

Operating Principal

  • The cartons are horizontally loaded in the magazine by the operator, pushed into the pick-up area by a pneumatic device. It is possible for the operator to load the magazine during the normal working cycle of the machine, in complete safety.
  • The cartons are picked up by vacuum sucker cups and deposited onto a trolley that brings it to the opening area where it is erected and its bottom flaps are folded by a levers system.
  • Then the carton is moved by two side belts and the glue is sprayed by the guns of the glue unit; a pressing device driven by pneumatic cylinder secures the perfect sticking of the carton bottom flaps.
  • It is possible to adjust the length of the sprays and gaps in between by means of the relevant electronic operator panel.
  • Once formed, the case is transferred by the discharge conveyor to the next station.
  • A maximum queue control photocell on transport conveyors controls the accumulation:when the photocell is engaged, the previous machine stops after a pre-determined time lapse and re-start as soon as the photocell gets free.
  • Tower light signaling the automatic / manual working cycles, the emergency, the machine status.


Machine suitable for the erection of “American” type cartons

  • Frame made of electro-welded and furnace painted steel sections with epoxy primer, with different colors for fixed and moving sections; adjustable feet.
  • Safety guards at CE standards of transparent polycarbonate with anodized aluminum frame
  • Guard doors equipped with safety micro-switch.
  • All guide ways are machined
  • Operator interface, for the management of the whole line, with control for start, stop, size change operations, manual movement, machine diagnostics, alarms and further visual and acoustic signals.
  • Quick and easy change over-size operations by graduated hand-wheels and millimeter rules.
  • Cardboard magazine with carton lifting device by step-by-step working: one carton in working phase and two waiting. Capacity about 200-300 cartons
  • Carton picking-up with positioning onto trolley bar and transfer to the case forming area
  • Lower cardboard holder during opening/erection phase
  • Upper pantograph for carton opening/erection
  • Carton squaring device to glue the case with perfect perpendicular sides
  • Fixed plates for perfect adhesion of the glue
  • Case transfer trolley
  • Working top for carton waiting to be loaded
  • Automatic adjustment for size change
  • Electric/control panel managed by PLC and inverter
  • Hot-melt glue unit PREO complete of pipes and spray guns (a different brand can be installed on demand)
  • Electro-mechanical machine operating
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