Carton Sealers

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Automaic machine suitable to close and seal the American style carton's upper flaps, sealing them with hot glue.

Operating Principal:

  • The cartons to be closed are fed to the machine by a conveyor belt moving them step-by-step to a twin side belts system; during this transfer the glue is sprayed by a 4 nozzles head.
  • The glue application is managed by a proper electronic unit with possibility of glue sprays length adjustment by the panel.
  • The upper flaps are closed by pneumatic devices and levers.
  • Two adjustable side guides with loose rollers keep the upper flaps in position to secure their perfect sticking.


Automatic machine suitable to close the American type cartons upper flaps by hot-melt gluing – composed of:

  • Frame made of electro-welded and furnace painted steel sections with epoxy primer, with different colors for fixed and moving sections; adjustable feet.
  • Frame made of electro-welded and painted steel sections with epoxy primer, with different colors for fixed and moving parts.
  • Cartons selection inlet conveyor belt.
  • Cartons upper flaps automatic closing device, complete of hot-melt gluing group, flaps pressing system for perfect sticking.
  • Side belts for cartons moving.
  • Change over-size adjustments by hand-wheels.
  • Electric panel and PLC with possibility of setting up n°10 standard programs.
  • Hot-melt gluing device PREO (different marks on demand).
  • Operator interface, for the management of the whole line, with control for start, stop, size change operations, manual movement, machine diagnostics, alarms and further visual and acoustic signals.
  • Machine electro-mechanical working
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