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Automatic line suitable to depalletize bottles by transferring a complete layer by a perimetric pusher.

Operating Princle

  • The plastic film protection is removed by the operator and positioned on the transport chain conveyors by a worker through a forklift.
  • The perimetric product pusher is positioned around the first layer and closes the edges so that the bottles can’t fall from the pallet, while another holder holds the products of the second layer, to make the transfer of the bottles onto the discharge conveyor safer.
  • A gripper system hold the slip sheet during the transfer of the layer.
  • Once deposited the complete layer, the discharge conveyor will transfer the product to the production line.
  • In this automatic version, the machine is equipped with chain conveyor transport for the feeding and discharge of the pallet.
  • At the infeed station a photocell barrier guarantees that no person or object can enter the area during the pallet transit.
  • Between one grip and the next, the plastic layer sheet is removed, by an automatic pad-remover, that transfers it into the relevant magazine.
  • At the pallet discharge it is possible to install an automatic magazine to collect them by motorized transport conveyor and stack them.


  • Frame made of electro-welded and furnace painted steel sections with epoxy primer, with different colors for fixed and moving sections; adjustable feet.
  • Safety guards at CE standards of painted metal mesh, doweled to the floor.
  • Guard doors equipped with safety micro-switch.
  • All guide ways are machined
  • Trolleys travelling on hardened guide rails with re-circulating bearing.
  • Crash-down safety prevention system
  • Gripper head emergency system
  • All components vertically moving are counterbalanced by weights
  • Operator interface, for the management of the whole line, with control for start, stop, size change operations, manual movement, machine diagnostics, alarms and further visual and acoustic signals.
  • Pallet positioning template for exact infeed
  • Perimetric product holder with adjustable edges
  • Discharge conveyor and transfer group to the next station
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