Pallet Stretch Film Wrappers

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Automatic machine suitable to wrap pallets with stretch film.

Operating Principal:

  • The pallet to be wrapped is fed to the machine by a powered 3-parallel chains conveyor.
  • At the machine inlet a photocell reads the pallet sizes for its exact positioning in the machine centre.
  • The wrapping is carried out by a rotating arm which wraps the perimeter of the stationary pallet: a special hooking device by pliers keeps an end of the film until a first turn of wrapping has been completed, then the device withdraws and the trolley equipped with the film reel rises to the pallet top.
  • When the wrapping is finished an automatic group cuts the film and a brush sticks it to the pallet, meanwhile the hooking device starts its working again keeping the free film end in order to fasten it to the following pallet.


The machine is equipped with the following devices:

  • Pallet feeding by powered chains conveyor
  • Automatic film hooking device by pliers
  • Film reel holding trolley with adjustable speed
  • Film pre-stretching group with rubberized roller
  • Film breakage/lack checking photocell
  • Pallet height checking photocell
  • Film cut automatic unit
  • Brush for the film sticking to the pallet
  • Controls panel with PLC and keyboard
  • CE standards guarding
  • Barrier photocells checking the pallet loading and for the “man inside” emergency.


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