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Automaic machine suitable to palletize bundles or cases by transferring a complete layer by means of a roller top opening into two symmetrical sections.

Operating Principal:

  • The product is fed to the machine by a synchronized conveyor, combined to a device for the product spacing and turning of 90°, and positioned onto a top for the pre-forming of the rows.
  • Once one row is complete, a first pneumatic pusher transfers it onto an intermediate top. This top lift the row to the level of the head top. A second pusher transfer the row from the intermediate top to the head top, composed of a roller surface divided into two opening sections. This cycle is repeated until the layer is full.
  • The finished layer is then compacted by a centering device that determines the exact layer perimeter. The compacting bars are adjustable by hand-wheels or, as an option, electronically.
  • The roller top, at the level of deposit, after being loaded, and after product compactation, proceeds with the deposit of the layer. To deposit the layer, the two roller sections, opens symmetrically and positions the products perfectly on the whole perimeter.
  • After the deposit of one layer it is possible to put a sheet by hand or automatically by the relevant device (optional).
  • The disposal of each layer format, is previously done by ITAL PAL technicians, according to the customer’s requirements and the type of product. But the modification or the creation of a new program can easily be carried out by the end user, previously trained, by means of the operator panel with relevant display screen, entering the pack and pallet sizes.
  • At the exit station a photocell barrier guarantees, by means of Muting sensors, that no person or object can enter the area during the pallet transit.


  • Frame made of electro-welded and furnace painted steel sections with epoxy primer, with different colors for fixed and moving sections; adjustable feet.
  • Safety guards at CE standards of painted metal mesh, doweled to the floor.
  • Guard doors equipped with safety micro-switch.
  • All guide ways are machined
  • Trolleys travelling on hardened guide rails with re-circulating bearing.
  • All trolleys and guides covered by concertina.
  • Crash-down safety prevention system
  • Gripper head emergency system
  • All components vertically moving are counterbalanced by weights
  • Operator interface, for the management of the whole line, with control for start, stop, size change operations, manual movement, machine diagnostics, alarms and further visual and acoustic signals.


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