Shrink Film Wrappers

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Automatic machine suitable for shrink filming a set numbers of bottles or products together to create a pack or case.

This series is composed of medium and high speed shrink-wrappers with continuous working process. They feature synchronised film overlapping suitable for collating and wrapping most kinds of bottles, cans, jars and pots in multi-packs, thus achieving protection from dust, dirt, water/humidity among other pollutants. For highest speeds requirements these lines can be manufactured in twin stream (dual lane version).


  • automatic in-line infeed, on single lane or in mass flow
  • Reliable synchronised film overlap system
  • Completely safe shrinking operation
  • Quick and easy changeover
  • Mechanically robust and reliable design.
  • The overlap and shrink system (“LA + BM”) is easy-to-link to wrap-around machines (link VF series)


  • Reliable and efficient machines based on over 40 years of experience
  • Customised manufacturing to suit any special customer requirement.
  • Easy integration of other secondary packaging processes for additional packaging alternatives (e.g. labelling, ink jet, although not supplied by us).
  • Special design of the Shrink-Tunnel for maximum product safety; the heat is absorbed by the film, the product remains cold (successfully validated for food, frozen and flammable products).
  • Final packing visual quality aimed either for Industrial or massive consumption products distribution.

Automatic Working Cycle

  • The product to be packed arrives automatically from a transport line onto the infeed belt.
  • A product divider divides them into the conveyor lanes (according to the pack configuration)
  • At about half conveyor length, a photocell gives the consent for the opening of the pneumatic flow stopping gate, allowing the right number of them to reach the pusher.
  • The pusher introduces the products into the wrapping and sealing area.
  • A pneumatic pack holder stabilizes the pack during the seal phase.
  • After sealing the pack is transferred onto the tunnel conveyor via a motorized discharge conveyor.
  • The fan located at the tunnel outlet cools the pack.


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