Meter Milw Free &Total So2


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Mi455 is a user-friendly microprocessor-based mini-titrator for the determination of free and total sulfur dioxide in the process of wine making. This mini-titrator will give you direct readings with a range of 0 to 400 ppm. The instrument comes with a pre-programmed analysis method for the free and total sulfur dioxide measurements on a wine sample.

Technically, sulfite is a salt or ester of sulfurous acid, but more common, sulfur dioxide. Sulfite is the most effective and widely used preservative in wine making. It preserves by safe guarding musts and wines against premature oxidation and microscopic life forms that could otherwise spoil wine. It preserves a wine's freshness, helps maintain its color, and is essential for aging wines beyond their first year without deterioration. It also inhibits wild yeast, thereby allowing cultured wine yeasts to dominate the fermentation. Sulfites may be "bound" or "free". Bound SO2 combines with aldehyde compounds, those responsible for oxidation in wines.

Free So2 results from the dissipation of active So2 and is the only So2 that provides antiseptic and oxidative protection to wines. The most efficient way to add free So2 to a must, juice, or wine is by adding dissolved potassium metabisulfite to it. The effectiveness of free So2 is dependent on the pH of the media to which it is added.