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10 Ton Propylene Glycol Chiller

Used for Cooling Jacketed Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Running Air-Handlers

As your winery grows so will your cooling demands. Our stackable chillers systems can be a perfect fit because you can increase your cooling capacity by just adding extra modules without replacing the entire chiller. To have this feature an internal glycol tank and pump skid is used. This is sized in advance for the projected future cooling demands. The compressors are outside and additional circuits can be added over time to the system. All in one units are also available where the glycol reservoir is underneath the compressors like shown in the main product photo. 

Dual Circuit Chillers offer an energy efficient solution by having dual compressors. The chiller only runs a single condenser until the second compressor is needed to keep up with the cooling demand. For example, a 20 ton chilling system will have dual 10 ton compressors, the electrical demand is reduced during non peak cooling demands because only a 10 ton compressor is running, saving you money on electricity! This also offer redundancy so if a compressorr ever fails you still have another compressor that is able to stay working.

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Internal reservoir and pump skid is used when building a stackable chiller. All our Whaley Chillers come with a dual pump configuration. One pump is used for the recirculation from the glycol reservoir to the compressors. The second pump is used to circulate the glycol through your facilities glycol lines, tanks, heat exchangers, or air-handlers. The pump size can be modified to meet your specific facilities needs.


Standard Features

  • 5 to 100 Ton Capacity
  • Dual or Single Compressor Configurations
  • High Efficient R-410A Refrigerant
  • Copeland Scroll compressor(s)
  • Insulated stainless steel copper-brazed plate evaporator(s) (Cupre Nickel available)
  • Thermostatic expansion valve, filter drier, sight glass installed on refrigerant lines
  • Service ports and valves
  • NEMA 4 Control panel with digital temperature controller
  • High and low pressure safety
  • Single point power connection
  • Direct drive fan(s) made to run slower and more quiet
  • Vertical air discharge fans minimizes operating sound
  • Weather resistant fan motor made to survive in the elements
  • Highly efficient coil provides excellent heat transfer and low air resistance
  • Energy Star qualified unit
  • Assembled, plumbed, and wired on industrial epoxy-coated steel frame
  • Complete systems fully run tested under heat load using the WHALE-SOFT™ Testing Platform


Available Options

Remote Panel Option:

This option is for applications where the chiller installed outdoors, and the application is indoors.  This allows you to monitor and control your unit from indoors.  If you need the remote panel, we install a terminal strip on the outdoor unit, and the indoor remote panel has the same terminal strip.  All you would have to do is run 24v control wire to/from the remote panel to the outdoor unit.  A digital controller comes standard on the unit.  For the remote panel, the standard panel is removed, the unit is re-wired, and a terminal strip is installed in a remote panel and on the unit interconnecting field wiring

Flow Safety Switch:

The flow safety switch is installed off the discharge of the chiller recirculation pump.  The flow switch protects your chiller’s evaporator from freezing up in the event there is bad flow through the evaporator.  The flow switch is interconnected with the digital controller, which will in turn cut out the compressor from cooling when the evaporator has no flow.  The reason this is not a standard feature of our product is because some of our clients use sophisticated building control flow switches, or prefer to install in the field somewhere else in the loop.  This option is highly recommended to help protect your unit.

Low Ambient Package A:

Allows the unit to operate properly when the ambient temperature drops below freezing (32F).  For instance, if you are installing the chiller outdoors and you have a chance of freezing, you will need it.  Also if you install the unit indoors where it is not climate controlled, and the room temperature can drop below freezing, you will need it.  It is functional in ambient temperatures down to 15F. Includes Crank-Case Heater Factory Installed on Compressor (HR) and Head Pressure Fan Cycling Switch (HPFCS)

Low Ambient Package B:

Allows the unit to operate properly when the ambient temperature drops below freezing (-25F).  The added LPBPT allows the chiller to start-up successfully in extreme low ambient conditions.  If you install the unit outdoors where the ambient temperature falls below 15F you will need this option.  It is functional in ambient temperatures down to -25F. Includes Includes Crank-Case Heater Factory Installed on Compressor (HR), Head Pressure Fan Modulation Controls (HPFC), and Low Pressure Bypass Timers (LPBPT)

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