Lid Bladder Heavy Duty 26"


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Heavy duty premium food grade rubber gasket is durable and odorless. Extruded gasket forms a U shape for better fit and seal on variable capacity tank and provides many years of service life. Also comes with long lasting threaded brass nipple for improved performance and longevity.

Our Heavy Duty Lid Bladders are Measured:

You will get 1" to 1.5" inches of Stretch per Foot of Lid Bladder. For Example a 24" Lid Bladder will fall off a 24" Lid. For a 24" Lid you need to order a 22" Heavy Duty Lid Bladder. For larger diameter lids subtract 1.5" per foot.

To size them correctly:

- Measure the Outside Diameter of your Lid, Subtract at least 1" per foot, or subtract 1.5" Per foot if you have a lid diameter over 48"
- When in doubt please give us a call and we'll help you order the correct size bladder for your lid. 805-226-8100