Vibrating Table 1.5 Meter

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Vibrating table used post destemming for removing MOG (materials other than grapes). It can also be used for additional sorting and quality control if longer than 1.5 meters.

Custom built specificly for the height and dimensions of the clients needs...

Grape Vibrating Tables

Sorting your large berries from the smaller is easier than ever with a grape vibrating table. Cut your work load down, save time, and man power.

This piece of equipment can be utilized prior to de-stemming to vibrate off the rotten bunches or green berries. It is capable to be used after the stemming process to remove crushed berries,  and green berries from the lot. Quality wine starts with quality fruit, get the best from your lot with the IMMA Vibrating Table.


  • Junction free shaped plate flow surface
  • Support legs with adjustable feet
  • Driven by twin electric motors
  • Vibrating structure installed on rubber insulators
  • Enological fitting for drainage collection
Flow Surface
  • Plate Thickness: 3mm
  • Internal Width: 600mm (23.6”)
  • Total Width: 750mm (29.5”)
Options available:
  • Wheel Kit, 2 fixed + 2 swivel with brake
  • Electronic Control Panel Dripping Section 
  • Different internal Width

Wider Widths are Available

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