ReCoop French Oak 30 gal.

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French Oak Barrel, Recoop (laser shaved interior, re-toasted), 114 Liter / 30 Gallon. Use like a new barrel, with more economical cost.

Re-Coop French Oak Barrels

Since 1989, ReCoop Barrels, set among the vineyards of Sonoma County California, has been coordinating efforts with the local wine community to help reduce the wasteful elimination of wine barrels. Using our patented reconditioning process for over 20 years, our customers have benefited from the reuse of a sustainable product while providing jobs for local residents. All barrels are skillfully remanufactured by our employees. No robots allowed – just good old fashion USA ingenuity.

An early innovator in reconditioning wine barrels; ReCoop Barrels was one of the first cooperages in California Wine Country to use specially engineered machines. Our patented machinery planes the wood with the grain, removing ¼” of the interior, ensuring all wine-penetrated wood is removed. Our process of planing with the grain (not cross-cutting) is used to achieve the utmost flavor from the oak and optimize the oxygenation benefits. A smooth interior finish allows for uniform toasting, revealing flavors of creamy vanilla, sweet toffee and butterscotch, to spicy undertones of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg, or, a mild to rich smokiness, depending on your toast specifications, the original cooperage, and oak forest/region.

We take special care to select only barrels that pass our inspection process. ReCoop hand picks the best barrels from premier wineries that follow proven barrel maintenance programs. And, we adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure sanitation of the barrel is preserved.

Let us help reduce operating costs and your environmental footprint with a “green” alternative to a new barrel; either through the purchase of reconditioned barrels, or by reconditioning your existing barrels.

ReThink, ReUse, ReCoop.

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