Press Bladder 80L SS


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A simple pressing system that uses air/water pressure. It enables the user to get a very high yield in the extraction of juice. Attaches to a garden hose, maximum pressure is 42 PSI. Pressure developes evenly towards the outer cage throughout its whole length. Apples can also be pressed in this unit. Cage size 16 x 22 in., Capacity 21 gal., Pressure 3 bar.

The bladder press was designed to improve the traditional wooden-basket ratchet-style press. A rubber bladder expands from the stem outward using air/water pressure- pressing the fruit against the sides of the cage. This style of pressing is much more subtle and softer on the fruit, not allowing bitter to be extracted from cracked seeds. This is also a more efficient method of pressing- cutting the cycle down to less than half the time a ratchet-style press would take.