Press Dhea 32 HL

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34 hl Closed Drum Central Membrane Press

Dhea Presses

Pneumatic Horizontal Wine Press with Central Inflating Membrane Bladder 

Benefits of Central Inflating Membranes vs Traditional Bladder Presses

  • Higher Quality Yields
  • Higher Yields
  • Less Heavy Tannins
  • Faster Pressing Cycles
  • Less Oxidation, Less Browning on Whites
  • No Load Minimums

Functioning Principle

Having a Thinner Cake Leads to Several Advantages

New Technology Dhea Presses

  • Higher Yields at Much Lower Pressures
  • Higher Quality Yields
  • Less Heavy Tannins
  • Faster Pressing Cycles
  • Less Oxidation, Less Browning on Whites
  • Inert Gas Injection into the Drum
  • No Load Minimums
  • Bladder can reach the entire circumference of the Drum 
  • Even Pressures throughout the Press
  • 10 to 20 years Lifespan on the Bladder (5/16" Thick)
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Ability to Press Crushed Apples and Deshelled Pomegrantes

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Old Technology Bladder Presses

  • Lower Yields at Higher Pressures
  • Indroduction of Heavy Tannins from the skins due to high pressures needed to achieve yields 
  • Longer Pressing Cycles
  • More Lees and Fining due to having to break the Cake Multiple Times
  • More Oxidation, More Browning on Whites due to longer Pressing Cycles
  • Minimum Load Capacities for Press use and Press Efficiency
  • Thin Nylon Bladder, easier to tear and needs to be replaced more frequently (less than 1/16" thick 

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5 Connected Drip Channels

The Dhea utilizes a fully closed drum. The major benefits of this is reduced oxidation and less browning of whites. Having a fully enclosed drum also allows for the winemaker to allow additional juice and skin contact time if desired. A pierced open drum is avaialbe upon request.

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Fully Automatic Self Cleaning

Tired of all the labor and time required to clean and sanitize your press? The Dhea decided that climbing into the press in order to clean and sanitize it was for old technology presses. The Dhea now has a complete self cleaning cycle so you never have to climb into the drum again. The Dhea even has a built in pump to increase the pressure of your water or sanitizing solution to insure the self cleaning gets performed properly! 

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High Quality Components

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Having the press work correctly when you need it is imperative for the successful operation of a winery producing high end wines. The Dhea realizes this and only uses the highest quality components in all their presses. The built in air compressor comes standard on all Dhea presses as well as the self breaking gear motor, pinion, crown wheel, and chain for the drum rotation.

Inert Gas Injection

The Dhea press comes standard with a large axial feed ball valve to avoid the crushing of the grapes prior to entering into the press. Alternatively the press can be loaded through the door if you prefer. For even more protection against oxygen exposure, an inert gas injection quick connection comes standard on the press. Now you can fill the closed press drum prior to, during and after loading the press. The inert gas can also be added while the press is in rotation. 

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Pneumatic Doors Standard

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The pneumatic opening and closing doors are standard on all Dhea presses. The door is placed at the end of the drum not the center for easier and more efficient loading and unloading of the grapes and must. Because of this position of the door on the drum double and triple doors are no longer required for fast filling and emptying the press. 

Lateral Must Collecting Eaves

Lateral Juice collecting eaves are mounted to the frame of the press and positioned perfectly to catch 100% of your juice. They are easily removable for complete sterilization of the press.

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Large Reversible Must Collection Tank

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The Dhea comes standard with the automatic must pump controller that will turn on and off your pump as the tank fills. The Must collecting tank is reversible and the outlet for the pump can be built onto either side of the press.


Patented Variable Position Pressing Phases

The Dhea comes standard with its patented variable position pressing phases: The Press legs are hydraulically driven and adjust to the phase you are performing. This system greatly increases the performance and efficiency of each of the cycles, which in turn reduces the pressing times.

Press Loading

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With the press hydraulically tilted toward the tub of drain side of the drum several advantages occur. First the free run is accelerated in exiting the press. Secondly this shortens the loading times of the press, without the necessity of double or triple doors placed on the drum. This system also decreases the amount of rotations needed to fill the entire drum, again shorting the loading times and reducing the amount of lees and subsequent filtration needed in the wines.

  Pressure Holding & Cake Breaking

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The horizontal position is used during the pressing cycle, it insures a perfect distribution of the cake 360 degrees around the drum. It also allows 100% of the internal juice channels to be utilized during the pressing cycles. Due to the decreased thickness of the cake because of the central inflating membrane, again higher yields at much lower pressures can be realized in much shorter length cycles. The number of pressing and cake breaking cycles can also be decreased.

  Press Unloading

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With the Press tilted towards the unloading door, the time it takes to discharge the press is greatly reduced. This allows again for fast discharge without the necessity of double or triple doors. This allows you to use the self cleaning cycle even faster.


Technical Specifications


Pneumatic press with central elastic membrane “Dhea 32HL"

  • Tank capacity: 32 hl
  • Tubular elastic membrane FDA approved, supported by inner clevises; thickness: 7.5 mm
  • Closed or Open Stainless-Steel tank
  • Pneumatic Opening and Closing of the Door
  • Hydraulic Legs for Patented Variable Position Pressing, Loading, & Unloading
  • Extended Legs for 1/2 Ton Marco Bin Discharge Standard
  • Axial Loading with Stainless Steel 120 mm Ball Valve Included
  • Automatic Pump Control on Must Collecting Tank
  • Reversible Must Collecting Tank with 2" Tri-Clover Fitting
  • Power supply: 230 V – 3 phases – 60 Hz; maximum requested power: 7.8kW
  • Automatic CIP Cleaning System with Built in Water Booster Pump
  • Wheels for Press Movement
  • Automatic pressing cycles controlled by PLC, with: Pre-pressure phase at 0.2 bar (can be repeated up to 3 times), 18 pressing programs, inducation of cycle state by lighting LEDS, possibility to skip phases and to repeat the end pressure (Can be ordered with touch screen for program customization)
  • Dimensions: Length 4100 mm, Width 1750 mm, Height 1950 mm
  • Weight: 1240 kg
  • Entirely built in AISI 304 Stainless Steel

 Accessories on Demand:

  • Raising legs: according to length


Touch Screen PLC or Manual PLC

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The Dhea makes operation of your press simple and precise. The Press can be ordered with pre-set programs built into the press for whites and reds to fit most every need or purchased with a touch screen and the ability to personalize or change any of the programs. Creating your own pressing cycle programs is also very simple to perform and save to the PLC!


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The Dhea may also be ordered without the PLC for manual control use, appealing to those whoe believe in the K.I.S.S. philosophy. 


Pressing times:

  • Fermented grapes: 45 Min
  • Non difficult-to-break white grapes: 1 h 15 Min – 1 h 30 Min
  • Difficult-to-break white grapes (like muscat): 2 h - 2 h 30 Min
  • Apples (chopped): 2 h – 4 h, depending on requested yield and apples quality
  • Pomegranates: 1 h 30 Min


Loading Capacity Dhea HL 32

Production in Tons

Door Loading

Axial Feed

Whole Cluster Grapes


Destemmed Grapes 7 8.8
Fermented Grapes 8.8 10.56
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