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Fermol Complete Killer is a versatile yeast, equipped with a series of interesting properties making it suitable for vinifications where a high purity degree is required.

It has a cryophilic character and conducts in a complete way fermentations at controlled temperature. Fermol Complete Killer excellently tolerates alcohol, for this reason it is very good for fermentations of wines having undergone stuck fermentations. In this case it rapidly consumes the residual fructose, usually present at higher concentrations. For its metabolic characteristics, it is suitable for correction operations of the alcoholic degree.

Fermol Complete Killer amplifies grape characters, enabling to obtain freshness and pleasant smells, very stable in time.
It facilitates the expression of sensorial descriptors reminiscent of white flowers and white pulped fruits, comparable to anisic aldehyde, ethyl-decanoate and undecalactone, present in the aromatic elaboration of white berry vines.