EP-2 500g


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Regarded for its low foaming capacity and the ability to control its fermentation rate by temperature adjustment. Recommended for the production of fruity, aromatic wines containing some residual sugar such as rosé and white zinfandel.


A pure Active Dry Wine Yeast selected for its aromatic characters.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


First isolated from Epernay, France.

Rate of fermentation

Fermenting within an optimum temperature range of 18–25 °C (65-77 °F), EP2 has a short to medium lag phase and a medium rate of fermentation. EP2 is susceptible to cooler temperatures, and thus making a fermentation temperature of 18 °C (65 °F) and above is recommended when fermenting to dryness.

Nitrogen requirement

EP2 is considered a low to moderate nitrogen consumer. When fermenting highly clarified juice (low solids) of high alcohol potential a nitrogen supplement (100mg DAP/L) or Mauriferm fermentation aid is recommended to ensure a healthy fermentat