Zig Zag French Heavy Toast


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The Zig-Zag barrel renovation system was invented to meet winemaker’s needs to optimize returns, extending a barrel’s useful lifetime by one or even two production cycles.

Oak Zig-Zags are an excellent way to give your wine the oak flavor you are looking to achieve. With 90% long grain, the oak flavor is more consistent to a new barrel than some other oak alternatives.

The standard Zig-Zag system consists of 28 staves assembled in 14 pairs.
The Zig-Zag is inserted and extracted through the bung hole, without removing contents or headings; it includes a steel spring for attachment to a standard silicone bung, for optimal commodity and hygiene. You can rack and stir with the system in place, and in the unlikely event you wish to remove it, there is no need to drain the barrel’s contents.