Stalk Shredder TRM

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Resolves the stalks shredder produced from Destemmers machines with productions from 10000 up to 60000 kg/hour, the new machine set from GBM, works all experience accumulated from the Firm in the machines production for the stalks shredding.

Thanks to an innovative structure condenses in a minimum space a cut power section and an effective evacuation system of the product. That is directly loaded on a normal palletized container without any intervention of the operator.

The TRM Stalk Shredder, works direct to the destemmers from which it receives directly the stalks and in a route of at least 1.5m leaves them, thinly shredded in the harvest container through a checkable conveyer belt.

The particular modular manufacturing architecture of the TRM Stalk Shredder, allows adapting easily to the unloading mouth of any destemmer.


  • Up to 22 Tons per hour Max
  • Completely Stainless Steel Frame.
  • 32 Sharpened Blades that Rotate to 3000 RPM meet 23 Fixed Blades
  • 1000 Cuts per Second for Extra Fine Shredding
  • Hinged Cover for Easy Cleaning
  • Fast Unhook System of the Fixed Knives
  • String and Light Support Structure
  • Conveyor Belt Integrated in the support Structure
  • Unit on Wheels for easy movement
  • 220V Single Phase 60 Hz