Combo Packaging Lines

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Automatic combination packaging lines for carton erecting, partition inserting, case packing, carton sealing, and shrink filming.


  • Greatest flexibility for a variety of packing combinations
  • Robust and reliable build quality.
  • Latest technology and professional performance
  • Tight pack to prevent product movement
  • Low cost packing material, eco-friendly
  • Machinery with case forming, loading and closing processes on a single unit.
  • Compact design.
  • Easily combined with a film wrapping device for additional packaging alternatives (links to our film wrapping machines)

The “COMBO” series is composed of the most versatile wrap-packers available. Born to give a flexible and high-efficient solution to customers, can handle below packaging options on a single machine.

  • full cases (shippers)
  • display cases
  • display trays
  • bottom trays
  • flat support
  • film only

Equipped with a flexible collating system and a mixed product conveyor system. Built according to the strict EC standards.


  • in-line infeed in single lane or in mass flow
  • Customised product collating system
  • Integral cardboard magazine
  • Reliable blank pick-up
  • Cardboard blank magazine loading while machine is in operation
  • working in continuous motion
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Mechanically robust and reliable solution.
  • Reliable synchronised film overlap system
  • Completely safe shrinking operation
  • Quick and easy changeover


  • up to 50 cases/minute
  • up to 100 cases/minute in the dual lane configuration


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